16 Sep – Rock&Roll report

19 Sep

About last night….
Fifteen gnarly mountain biking folk communed in the parking lot for the Rock&Roll. The message was clear, bring on da wicked trails… This being one of the more technical and more physically challenging trails, but also, it is one of those trails that we won’t be heading for home when the clock nears 10, we are going all the way, Rock&Roll baby..
The warm breeze set the scene as we headed up through cruiser, Leon, the D&D virgin for the night, was getting accustomed to the idea. Halfway up Cruiser hardy accidentally clips a “krimp-varkie” and scores -100 points. Thankfully the poor little dude was a-ok and Roger escorted the little rolled up sea urchin looking creature into the veld.
Vetseun is wickedly awesome in the dark and I had “Fearless” on my tail through the rough bits… that was till he was notified of littering the trail with all sorts of bike repair equipment further back… – 10pts for you.. We cruise up big dipper and let the wild horses charge down Mielie Muur DH Rush. Some nice rock-gardens in the ruts.
There was a lot of chatting on topics from Boat Wrapping, the amazing power of duct tape, Trans Baviaans and lights at the end of the tunnel. Powergirl took the speedzone down the mineshaft and Roetters Route was wicked. I did get a bit of a skrik when “Fearless” came bunny hopping past me right next to huge hole at the bottom…crazy dude hehehee
We were accompanied by Holly (trail running woof) up heartbreak ridge where we rendevouzed with Q.t. and D1 for a belated birthday celebration for our LEGEND, Oupa Gerrit. Still competing strongly at SA level, and being one of the most dedicated night riders around. We can really all wish to one day be even half of amazing as you are Oupa Gerrit!!!
From there we hit some more hills for some more gnarly downhills. Rookie bought a farm – 25points and Look-Ma-No-Brakes was super wicked. On “tour-da-Tar” dice Mark took it with an insane blasting sprint at the end… apparently he was being chased by a balloon J
A few guys beer-lined for the moomall, while the rest of us continued along the railway and took on a go-till-u-blow VO2max test.. Then it was some pavement specials back to the moomall.
Some stats..
Mileage 36km (will work on that extra 4kmJ)
Party x1,
Bubbly, cupcakes and doughnuts – yummy
Punctures x1
Crashe x1 (that was seen)
Jokes – a few
Speed Zones x8 wooohoo what a workout
Some Points Summary:  (we are working on the whole formula 🙂
Mark 20
Powergirl 10
Rookie -25
Fearless -30
Hardy – 60     <hence been tasked with the report writing>
Thanks everyone, it was truly an honour and a privilege to ride with all of you.

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