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Rock&Roll ride report by Oupa Gerrit

Report: Rock&Roll ride 2010-10-21

 I was not commissioned to write this report, but as the week wore on and no report emerged, my conscience got the better of me. I was after all the first to fall, but Qt, D1 and Stealth who witnessed it was sworn to silence.

 It happened on the first rocky part of Vetseun se Rol and only left a scratch and a small bloody patch. But it was not to be the last fall of the night. The next one happened shortly afterwards and, incredibly, to the great trailmeister: none other than the one and only Hardy!

As he took the sharp turn from Vetseun se Rol onto Big Dipper he lost it and took the tumble in full view of the 12 or so amazed onlookers. Well, that makes me feel much better – if it can happen to him, who am I to feel bad about my frequent mishaps?

It was a beautiful night with a moon promising some good ghost riding later on and everything went just fine up Big Dipper, down Mieliemuur, the two speed zones up the hill, the interminable slog to the Light beyond the Tunnel, Mineshaft, Blairwitch Forest and most of Roetters Route.

The first ominous sign of what was soon to come, was the newly erected fence cutting off our exit from Roetters Route. Fortunately we could lift the bikes over and crawl under the fence and continue to the tar road and down the rutted path and then it happened:

Leon landed in a rut, but his downfall was a big rock in the rut which caused an endo and a massive Outdoor Freefall. Fortunately, under the circumstances, he landed on his back and not his nose like some other people we know about. But he was on his back for quite some time and when he got up, he could only manage a painful stumble to get back to the tar road.

QT and D1 undertook to go and get the bakkie to transport him back. A number of guys volunteered to escort them – we did not see them again that night. With Leon and his bike with a seriously pringled front weel safely transported back, the now much smaller group continued with a lot more caution down the rutted road, up Heartbreak Hill, the top of Quad Buster and down Look Ma No Brakes.

Python, as anticipated, was done as a ghost ride followed by the Tour de Tar. Hardy must have felt the urge to compensate for his fall from grace earlier the evening and announced that we would do Vetseun se Rol going UP and that it would be a GHOST RIDE!!

Miraculously nobody took a tumble, although I made a few unplanned detours through the veld which was no less rocky than the path. Getting near the top where the real rocky part is, my energy was drained and I started walking and very soon everyone followed suit. Going down Cruiser, Hardy let some of the other guys take the lead and we got a little bit lost, but soon found the right Cruiser again and finished having done about 30 kms.

Certainly, a night to remember.

Oupa Gert.

PS: Leon is doing fine, but has a painfully torn hamstring going to require at least two weeks of rest. Get well Leon!

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Shoooting Stars Ride (14 Rocktober)

Ok so, our much anticipated Rock&Roll route got hijacked by the awesome filmcrew :

So the ride began with some interviews and then we took the “Bakgat” badboy Altus Theart, the celebrity on a wicked ride.


I was amazed to see him in his “puma”s on spd’s taking on some gnarly trails like vetseun and quad-busta…

He did promise to write us a ride report… so we will keep this space open just incase…

But the otherside is that TOP TV fans can catch the Dark and Dirty insert next week on Kollig (Magazine Show)

The real stars were the riders that pitched for the night, totally unaware that they would be edged into the history

of the crazy community that loves to ride their MTB’s.

Soo watch out for it and see your self on TOP TV cruising the Python and wicked speed, or raging down Quad Busta for the hell of it.


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Intro Ride (Thurs 7 Rocktober)

It was a beautiful evening drizzle. About 13 riders were not afraid of the weather. Infact we relished in an amazing dust free ride.

It was great seeing DASH again and after his 3rd puncture, he promised to write the report…

hehehe I think musta got another blow out 🙂

DASH Man we keeping this space is for YOU!!!!

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Mild2Wild & Nu Root ride reports

From: WJ de Klerk


As ‘n Dark n Dirty “Virgin” het ek dit goed gedink om eerste te val sodat almal van die begin af gerus kan wees dat hulle dit nie hoef te doen nie.
Meester fietsryer Niko het ons nagrit gefasiliteer met geen ongevalle behalwe myne nie.  Die goeie geselskap was hoogs aangenaam. Soos die tradisie was ‘n “ghost ride” in orde met vol maan, wat baie lekker was.  ‘n Masiewe nag uil het ons kom groet langs ‘n stuk ” single track ” wat baie spesiaal was. Ons was net 6 ryers die aand, ‘n heel aangename geleentheid wat my definitief volgende week weer sal sien.

Die link vir die nagrit op Garmin Connect :

Heelwat meer ryers het saam kom ry gister aand, in totaal +-15.  Met Clinton as fasiliteerder en Leon as sweeper was die aand ‘n groot sukses.  Daar was 3 nuwe ryers, met jammerte dat Mnr. Wallabe nie eerste geval het of die verslag moes skryf nie, grap net.  Clinton het dit heel interessant gemaak met die verskillende ” speed zones” en kompetisies.  Left/ Right leg race.  Zero to Hero Sprint asook ‘n Granny Gear race… Die geselskap was soos gewoonlik uit die hoogste rakke, en glo ek kry ‘n mens goeie geleentheid om interessante mense te ontmoet. Dankie weereens vir ‘n aangemane aand!

Spesiaal vir Leon :

Die link vir die nagrit op Garmin Connect :

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