Shoooting Stars Ride (14 Rocktober)

22 Oct

Ok so, our much anticipated Rock&Roll route got hijacked by the awesome filmcrew :

So the ride began with some interviews and then we took the “Bakgat” badboy Altus Theart, the celebrity on a wicked ride.


I was amazed to see him in his “puma”s on spd’s taking on some gnarly trails like vetseun and quad-busta…

He did promise to write us a ride report… so we will keep this space open just incase…

But the otherside is that TOP TV fans can catch the Dark and Dirty insert next week on Kollig (Magazine Show)

The real stars were the riders that pitched for the night, totally unaware that they would be edged into the history

of the crazy community that loves to ride their MTB’s.

Soo watch out for it and see your self on TOP TV cruising the Python and wicked speed, or raging down Quad Busta for the hell of it.


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