02 December INTRO Ride report – Iain Taylor

03 Dec

The promised Ride report:


For those who don’t know traditionally the first to fall is the one to write..
well there were 7 of us for the ride yesterday, with me being the only newby..
And what a Buzz riding off road in the dark again something I haven’t done for a very long time. Forgive me but I can’t list those present, although I didn’t fall on my head my memory for names is terrible 😉
The trail was a mixture of single track, jeep tracks and a few dirt and tar roads but never long enough for us to get bored.
The first KM’s were flowing single track until we got to the ‘big dipper’ (I think they called it that) where someone has cut a road through the trail – how inconsiderate..  there were a few technical bits here and I nearly had my first fall, but thanks to years of practice (of falling) managed to get out of the cleats in time.. the steps towards the bottom then the drop off got the adrenaline going a little – but only due to my very weak lighting 😉
One thing I should mention for you guys reading on the web site (I know it says this else where but it is true) its a really pleasant bunch of people, no one gets left behind and (mostly) any hazards are noted before you ride them… So don’t delay in joining in like I did… but have a go…

After a stretch beside the railway lines and passing a herd of Electricity board Backies on some dirt and tar, we were back on single track, this is where I got caught out, and just managed a slow fall sideways because I obviously haven’t yet practised crashing enough! (and there with earned the right to write this report 🙂
Not so much further on one of the guys riding a nice CUBE FS bike managed to hit a rock and be propelled backwards, If he could reproduce that trick……….. Then in a rock garden a short while later he demonstrated the fine art of flying (over the handle bars) and amazingly landing in between the rocks.
After riding under the R21 in a drainage pipe (I felt very disadvantaged here as the only person riding a 29er I had to duck much more..) and some dirt roads along with a bit of tar, the only stretch where we saw more than the odd car.. it was back under the highway and a climb back to Irene…
Unfortunately what with my knee hurting and forgetting to bring any snacks I didn’t enjoy the ride up the hill. It was difficult to get into a rhythm because of the (small) Dongas and rocky terrain… on the jeep track. The Guys were very graceful and didn’t mention how slow I had become but rather encouraged me saying not far to go now…
Thanks all for a great intro to Dark n’ Dirty I will be back…..


P.S. even though it rained during the afternoon it wasn’t that dirty….. 😉
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