Eye witness news Report: Jingle bell Rock Ride – Jacques Booysen

29 Dec

Last evening eye witness news reports a rare sighting of Santa Claus
and this reindeer in the Pretoria east region. He was spotted multiple
times between the Irene and Waterkoof areas. It seems like he operates
as soon as the sun sets, to pass though the neighborhood unnoticed. We
failed to get any footage but got the same story from allot of people
that saw him.

Many people saw  Santa Claus (Oupa Gerrit) leading on his sled with
his helper D1 (Dwarf 1) next to him. He is using an improved sled this
year with wheels where the reindeer push the Christmas sled from
behind, with reindeer Steve sweeping all presents that fall off
Santa’s carrier.

Santa caused a traffic jam when making a surprise appearance in Lawley
Street Waterkloof were hundreds of cars came to look at the Christmas
This year less houses had Christmas lights, but the houses that put up
lights went big, it almost seems like a neighborhood competition with
the one house trying to go bigger and better that it’s neighbor. One
house in Lawley Street went a bit over the top, with a snow and smoke
machine,fake rocking sled and reindeer. When the real Santa showed up
he proved the fake rocking sled to be a hoax.

Santa and his sled disappeared into the dark and was last seen in the
vicinity of the moo mall Irene…

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Posted by on December 29, 2010 in ride report


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