Last Ride for 2010 – 30 December2010

05 Jan

Ok so it has been a while for me, but what a night….About 10 of us hit the trails in the sunlight fading fast like the last of 2010… The weather was stunning.
Cruiser was schweeeet and washed out into the gnarliest funky trail as you scream like a girl trying not to bail…

Francois gets stuck in a sneaky mud puddle and we take some new singletrack to hook up with Big Dipper

Mielie Muur DH RuSH is wickedly super gnarly and the blokes rage down there with crazy grins

Route compass tweaked at the singletrack minded we hit lekker trails like "The Trail that Eric shall Name"
"Ghost Ride" and even holy Trail before pulling in on the hill for some Awesome Cupcakes compliments of
Birthday Boy Francois

"Look-ma-no-brakes" and Python to head on home.
Thanks OG (Oupa Gerrit) for sweeping and everyone what a fantastic outing.
As always, it was an honour to ride with you.


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