About last night……. Ride Report 19 May ’11

21 May

So there were eight of us on in the parking lot, one D&D virgin and the rest of us a semi regular bunch of dark riding junkies, that smiled at the gaping glances of passing cars as we launched into the first available singletrack to begin our ride.

The night was fresh but still mild enough for shorts for most of us. We made our way across the new road that has bulldozed is way across the D&D county.

After sniffing out cruiser it was great to ride this old favourite to the top of the hill again. The golden grass is really long and interesting. We shunted down amonst the bluegums and took on the old razorback singletrack… nice trail, just really grassy in places… but no worries, on of these fine fire days the trail will be ever so clearer against the ash.

As we headed up Big Dipper, a huge glowing face of the moon hovering over the eastern horizon smiling down on us. And with good reason. For we are the Pedestrian’s that Ray Bradbury had written about. The ones who leave the mind numming glow of the tv’s and edge our way through the outskirts of surburbia and after a steep, rocky and slider descent down Mielie Muur DH Rush.. our hearts were alive again.

We headed off to Heartbreak ridge and after a short spin through the wattles at limbo lane, we awoke our spirits with a nice descent of holy trail. There are things and feelings and energies that just feel so much more, some nights. Like ghost riding python. Thursdays one will be burnt into my memories of amazing moments forever. The dark chasm, being the singletrack, carving its meandering way through the pale moonlit ocean of veld.

Tour da Tar was attacked from the word go, lots of yellow jersey wheel sucking and Mark popped another win in the final sprint. We took the dirt road back and just before the end were surprised by a 300m slick mud riding section…

Woohooo back at the mall we pulled in for some hot chocolates and chow.

Thank you everyone, it truly was an honour to ride Thursday nights dark and dirty journey with you.

Looking forward to the next one.

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