D&D rides for June & July 2011……………….. (Pta)

09 Jun

Heya Folks,

So its time to get out em chilli gear and get em wickedly dirty in da dark.
These are the ride plans for the next few weeks, Always free, always SOCIAL and always staying together.
(yeah all you train-a-holics, leave your HR monitors at home) and bring on your fun factor.

See you on the dark side….

June 2011
9 June – Intro (25km)
16 June – DirtFlirt (30km)
23 June – Rock &Roll (40km Technical)
30 June – Mild2Wild (35km)

July 2011

7 July – Intro (25km)
14 July – DirtFlirt (30km)
21 July – Rock &Roll (40km Technical)
28 July – Mild2Wild (35km)

Where: Irene Village shopping mall..
When: Every Thursday night,
Starts 18h45 for 19h00
Website :

No Charge,

Everyone Welcome, ride at own risk.

Bring: Helmets, Buddies, lights, ride snax & juice, your buddies

and some ching for beers & pizza after the ride.

SOCIAL riding group with SAFETY a Key Factor.

No-One gets left behind,
We always have a sweeper and visual/radio contact.


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