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18 August – Rock&Roll Ride Report

18 August Rock&Roll Ride Report

My English teachers at school taught me quite a few amazingly descriptive words, but none of them will suffice when trying to describe the dark ‘n’ dirty night ride.

>From the R.U.S.H downhill section to "look ma, no brakes" it was nothing but a jol all the way!

I was at first slightly apprehensive but now I know exactly what I’m doing every Thursday evening 🙂

Thanks to everyone who warmly welcomed us ‘newbees’ and introduced us to something truly incredible.

See you guys next week.

Woooop wooop

James Ross-Marsh

Some Stats

about 33km Temp Mild Moon rose at 10pm

Riders 8

Nuubs 3

Wipe -outs atleast 4+

Speedzones 5 all taken by James

Smileage after rough trailz – Mega beeeg

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Dark&Dirty MTB Nite Rides – Sept to ROcKtober – >> free ridin spirit livin on :-) …………………………..since 2005

Greeeetings Dirtlings…

If ya feeling like some dirty fun in the dark then hop on your MTB and join us for a lekker “free”-ride. This week we are taking on the RoCk&Roll route… a technical ride of about 35km with lots of FUN and some non-compulsory speedzones to keep the racing snakes pumped…

Some highlights on the trail menu include.. ..


down the hatch,

DirtRiders Hill challenge,

Vetseun singletrack,


MielieMuur DH R.U.S.H. (race.until.s.happens),

Light-at-the End of the tunnel,

Eric’s Bump&Grind with a spin off onto “Flying Woof”

!!!Caution Adrenalin overload!!! Going down “Puff-Adder”

Over da top and Down Quad-Busta Hilll wooohoooo,


Python (Ghost ride)

And some of those other Dirty stuff we usually do…..

If you are a nuuub to night riding, then join us for an intro on the first Thursday of every month.

Next one will be our SPRING CELEBRATION RIDE J


18 August – 35km Rock&Roll

25 August – 30km Mild2Wild

1 September – 25km INTRO – SPRING RIDE

8 September – 30km DIRT-FLIRT

15 September – 35km ROCK&ROLL

22 September – 40km Mild2WilD

29 September – 30km ThrillerChiller

6 Rocktober – INTRO 25Km

13 Roctober –PuMpKin Ride 30km

20 RocKTober – HardRoCK RIDE!!! 35km

27 ROcKTober – BoOzeCruIzer 35km


Where: Irene Village shopping mall..
When: Every Thursday night,
Starts 18h45 for 19h00
Website :

No Charge,

Everyone Welcome, ride at own risk.

Bring: Helmets, Buddies, lights, ride snax & juice, your buddies

and some ching for beers & pizza after the ride.

SOCIAL riding group with SAFETY a Key Factor.
No-One gets left behind,
We always have a sweeper and visual/radio contact.


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11 August – Uitstekende nag rit

Uitstekende nag rit

Hola a todos, cómo están?, me pregunto dónde está la gente de este grupo?, el clima no es una excusa para no rodar.

Oh sorry i forget that I don´t have any idea of Afrikaans and also that I don´t suppose to be written in Spanish.

But after almost to hour ride and around 22 km last Thursday, I can say that I learn my first words in Afrikaans and also I teach some Spanish word to the group.

Well it wasn’t a big big group just 4 of us, but it was a very nice ride, urban and semi urban ride, where we have the opportunity to have Spanish and Afrikaans classes and also Russian classes.

But seriously the big question is what happens with the member of this group?, I can believe that the weather is the excuse, the winter is almost gone, and last night was a very nice night no so cold.

CuĂ­dense, y vamos a rodar el prĂłximo jueves

Well see you in the road,

Rafael Carmona C.

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4th August – Rocky Thursday night ride

Still recovering from flu that kept me away the last week, I arrived at Moo Mall and was glad to see a few riders with MTBs. Hardy was there as well, but something was funny about his riding gear. I got it when he announced that he was on call and would not be riding. At least we were five riders including Rafael, the new one all the way from Bedford View, actually all the way from Venezuela. Ninja Roady declined the offer to lead with the excuse that he does not yet know all the “paadjies” and I had to lead which was just as well; at least I could set the pace: “Rustig”.

Being an intro ride, the first destination had to be Extacy Park with two rounds down the bank and one up the bank which all but one rider managed. From there we took the rocky single track next to the highway down to the railway line. As the Wash and Go is still dug up, we had a tar travel to Python which we did in both directions and then up Quad Buster which brought most if not all the riders to an unplanned stop along the way. At the top it was party time with cup-cakes, courtesy of Ninja Roady who’s brthday is on Tuesday, if I’m not mistaken. Thanks Clinton and congratulations.

Some more rocky single track followed as we went down Look Ma no brakes. After a speed section and a bit of tar we went up some more rocky tracks on the track that Eric shall name. At least that’s how it started out, but it ended up with the even more rocky track ending at the bend. So much for knowing all the “paadjies”!

From there we went down the Western side of St George’s and finished up with going halfway up next to the Mieliemuur to get back to the Moo Mall having done just under 25 km in 2 hours. As always it was an enjoyable ride. Hope to see more of you this Thursday.

Oupa Gert.

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Last Weeks D&D – The Venezuela Report :-)

Report By: Rafael Carmona


3 hour night ride in Irene area, just amazing.

I am from Venezuela; I have been living in Johannesburg for less than 2 month, one of the first thing

that I did wend arrive here was buying a Mountain bike, and trying to find in internet groups who ride

regularly in the city.

After seeing a lot of page in the web, I found one that gain my attention immediately, Dark and Dirty,

just for the name I decide to open the link and see what was about.

I read I little bit about the group and the spectacular rides that they have every Thursday, so I decide to

put my bike and my mtb cloths in my car and drive until Irene Mall after work.

I arrive very early about 6 pm, after half and our I notice that 2 cars arrive with bikes and I decide to ask

if they are part of the dark and dirty group, and they say that “off course just a few people are so crazy

to ride a mounting bike during the night with this weather”

The night was very cold, after a few minutes other cars appear with bikes, and the group start to

prepare their bikes, the group was no so big about 10 bikes.

I wasn’t sure about what to expect, I was my first night ride in South Africa, I was very glad wend before

we start, around 7pm, we receive all the security tips and all the information about the ride of that


I just can tell that at the beginning I was a little bit scare, my light wasn´t the best ones and in some

moments I lost the road, but after a few minutes, I feel more comfortable with the lights and with the

lands scape.

The Group was excellent, in every moment they ask me about how I feel. Is everything was ok? and just

talking about the bikes, the weather, about my country etc.

We ride for almost 3 hour, during the hall route always was a social ride, at the end I need to admit that

I was so tired, but the route was perfect, single tracks, a lot of rocks, a couple of hills, sped zones, very

very complete route.

Is was an amazing experience, I can feel the adrenaline in my body in every moment, now I am convince

that for sure I will come back next Thursday, but first a need a better lights.

After 3 hours riding we arrive to Irene Mall again, and the best part was that the hall group decide

to go for some food and a hot chocolate, I don’t know if I was hungry, or so tired, but I was the best

hamburger that I have been eat in this city.

This is the kind of adventure that if you like the MTB you need to leave, and this is a very good way to do

it, what else can you ask?, bikes, night ride, friends, and food, just perfect.

See you next Thursday on the road.

Rafael Carmona

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D&D Ride – Thursday – 21 July 2011

Thursday 21 July

11 Riders took on the night and Stealth led us to the “hot-tub” where we celebrated Brendan’s Birthday with lots of snacks, drinks and Gluhwein… Awesome stuff… we left shortly after the cops arrived J

Thanks folks for an Awesome time!!!

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