Last Weeks D&D – The Venezuela Report :-)

02 Aug

Report By: Rafael Carmona


3 hour night ride in Irene area, just amazing.

I am from Venezuela; I have been living in Johannesburg for less than 2 month, one of the first thing

that I did wend arrive here was buying a Mountain bike, and trying to find in internet groups who ride

regularly in the city.

After seeing a lot of page in the web, I found one that gain my attention immediately, Dark and Dirty,

just for the name I decide to open the link and see what was about.

I read I little bit about the group and the spectacular rides that they have every Thursday, so I decide to

put my bike and my mtb cloths in my car and drive until Irene Mall after work.

I arrive very early about 6 pm, after half and our I notice that 2 cars arrive with bikes and I decide to ask

if they are part of the dark and dirty group, and they say that “off course just a few people are so crazy

to ride a mounting bike during the night with this weather”

The night was very cold, after a few minutes other cars appear with bikes, and the group start to

prepare their bikes, the group was no so big about 10 bikes.

I wasn’t sure about what to expect, I was my first night ride in South Africa, I was very glad wend before

we start, around 7pm, we receive all the security tips and all the information about the ride of that


I just can tell that at the beginning I was a little bit scare, my light wasn´t the best ones and in some

moments I lost the road, but after a few minutes, I feel more comfortable with the lights and with the

lands scape.

The Group was excellent, in every moment they ask me about how I feel. Is everything was ok? and just

talking about the bikes, the weather, about my country etc.

We ride for almost 3 hour, during the hall route always was a social ride, at the end I need to admit that

I was so tired, but the route was perfect, single tracks, a lot of rocks, a couple of hills, sped zones, very

very complete route.

Is was an amazing experience, I can feel the adrenaline in my body in every moment, now I am convince

that for sure I will come back next Thursday, but first a need a better lights.

After 3 hours riding we arrive to Irene Mall again, and the best part was that the hall group decide

to go for some food and a hot chocolate, I don’t know if I was hungry, or so tired, but I was the best

hamburger that I have been eat in this city.

This is the kind of adventure that if you like the MTB you need to leave, and this is a very good way to do

it, what else can you ask?, bikes, night ride, friends, and food, just perfect.

See you next Thursday on the road.

Rafael Carmona

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