11 August – Uitstekende nag rit

17 Aug

Uitstekende nag rit

Hola a todos, cómo están?, me pregunto dónde está la gente de este grupo?, el clima no es una excusa para no rodar.

Oh sorry i forget that I don´t have any idea of Afrikaans and also that I don´t suppose to be written in Spanish.

But after almost to hour ride and around 22 km last Thursday, I can say that I learn my first words in Afrikaans and also I teach some Spanish word to the group.

Well it wasn’t a big big group just 4 of us, but it was a very nice ride, urban and semi urban ride, where we have the opportunity to have Spanish and Afrikaans classes and also Russian classes.

But seriously the big question is what happens with the member of this group?, I can believe that the weather is the excuse, the winter is almost gone, and last night was a very nice night no so cold.

Cuídense, y vamos a rodar el próximo jueves

Well see you in the road,

Rafael Carmona C.

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