4th August – Rocky Thursday night ride

17 Aug

Still recovering from flu that kept me away the last week, I arrived at Moo Mall and was glad to see a few riders with MTBs. Hardy was there as well, but something was funny about his riding gear. I got it when he announced that he was on call and would not be riding. At least we were five riders including Rafael, the new one all the way from Bedford View, actually all the way from Venezuela. Ninja Roady declined the offer to lead with the excuse that he does not yet know all the “paadjies” and I had to lead which was just as well; at least I could set the pace: “Rustig”.

Being an intro ride, the first destination had to be Extacy Park with two rounds down the bank and one up the bank which all but one rider managed. From there we took the rocky single track next to the highway down to the railway line. As the Wash and Go is still dug up, we had a tar travel to Python which we did in both directions and then up Quad Buster which brought most if not all the riders to an unplanned stop along the way. At the top it was party time with cup-cakes, courtesy of Ninja Roady who’s brthday is on Tuesday, if I’m not mistaken. Thanks Clinton and congratulations.

Some more rocky single track followed as we went down Look Ma no brakes. After a speed section and a bit of tar we went up some more rocky tracks on the track that Eric shall name. At least that’s how it started out, but it ended up with the even more rocky track ending at the bend. So much for knowing all the “paadjies”!

From there we went down the Western side of St George’s and finished up with going halfway up next to the Mieliemuur to get back to the Moo Mall having done just under 25 km in 2 hours. As always it was an enjoyable ride. Hope to see more of you this Thursday.

Oupa Gert.

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