18 August – Rock&Roll Ride Report

19 Aug

18 August Rock&Roll Ride Report

My English teachers at school taught me quite a few amazingly descriptive words, but none of them will suffice when trying to describe the dark ‘n’ dirty night ride.

>From the R.U.S.H downhill section to "look ma, no brakes" it was nothing but a jol all the way!

I was at first slightly apprehensive but now I know exactly what I’m doing every Thursday evening šŸ™‚

Thanks to everyone who warmly welcomed us ‘newbees’ and introduced us to something truly incredible.

See you guys next week.

Woooop wooop

James Ross-Marsh

Some Stats

about 33km Temp Mild Moon rose at 10pm

Riders 8

Nuubs 3

Wipe -outs atleast 4+

Speedzones 5 all taken by James

Smileage after rough trailz – Mega beeeg

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