D&D-chat The things I have forgotten

04 Jan

Things I have forgotten during 18months of no Dark& Dirty rides:

1. How good those bossies smell at night!
2. Where my 2009 Christmas ride outfit is…
3. That Oupa Gert in front means we’re gonna flyyyy!
4. The Christmas song lyrics.. but we made new ones!
5. A lady called Hazel at Spur… that gave me such a tight hug last night.
6. To pack clean, warm & dry clothes for afterwards.. rain or sunshine. Just bring it.
7. I can assume that the people on these rides are nice… Coz they always are.
8. For some things in life its better to be in the dark about the little details around you, coz you just manage to roll over what you CAN see in front of you.
9. That I dont know why baby nappies can be so clever with keeping bums dry, but yet no one has thought of similar technology for cycling shorts.. ??
10. Skidding on wet tar roads.
11. How fast the area is developing.
12. Not to judge mtb’s with mud guards.. its practical. Looks silly, but sometimes really needed.
13. Its not at all about the kms on the little device, but people, riding at night, against what the news reports tell us… and eating a Spur meal waaaay after bedtime.
14. Turn left to Joburg via Midrand and not past Diepsloot
15. … (Mummy Man? Carine Cat-I, Zu?)
Oupa Gert, we appreciate you. Thankyou thankyou. May we also give back to life what we have received from you.
Trust your shoulder is fine this morning.
Adri Ferrari
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