Ride Report : Thunder, lightning, cupcakes and bubbly Intro ride

09 Jan

It took some convincing to get my son to join me for the 2012 Intro ride. He insisted that it was going to rain and we would be the only people to turn up, but I knew how crazy this D&D crowed is (after all I am one of them) and predicted an outcome of at least ten people.

It turned out that I was spot-on. With the thunder roaring and the lightning blazing we set off into the dark and the storm. Hardy lead us up Cruiser so that we could have a good view of the lightning. Fortunately the rain was not that heavy and eventually it subsided.

Down Big Dipper we went and at the railway line a democratic vote selected going around the Air force base as the route for the night. This we did in a clockwise direction and in the vicinity of Back of the Moon we stopped to celebrate D1’s survival of another year despite getting involved in dangerous activities like D&D rides and ARs.

She was sporting a shocking, bright orange, dread lock hair-do and was promptly rechristened “Ginger”. In a much more chatty mood the group went up End of the World and back to Moo Mall, in perhaps less than straight lines. May there be many more rides like this in 2012 (Perhaps sans the thunder and lightning).

Oupa Gert.

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