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Get your dirt on dirt riders:

3 riders showed up at the moo mall to get their dirt on. It had been raining during the day, but it cleared up and it was a nice and fresh thursday evening far away from sticky living rooms with people glued to their tv sets and computers afraid of rain,fresh air and good dirt.

It was me,kobus and jaco and when it tuned 19:15 and we knew no more riders would show up, it was jaco’s first dnd even though he has done a few adventure races and recently double moon.

We decided to head off into the night anyway, even though we were only 3, and i knew i at least could find python from where i would know how to chain some of the old routes from memory, Kobus also knew some of the routes, so off rode into the night.

We went up towards where cruser used to start, but followed the fence, rode past extacy park and reached the new roads they are building, the view of the city at night was nice from here while our bikes picked up fresh dirt and mud witch we washed off again riding through carwash with long wet grass it stood true to it’s name and poped us out on the road to smuts koppie and python. Jaco asked “why is it called python?”, and i replied, “you will see”. It was awesome to be on this smooth single track that flows like a snake again.

Past the cement factory i saw dirt riders hill challenge, and told them that that used to be a challenge, but i don’t think it has been done recently, maybe people has gone soft. We went past and followed the road all the way up to just before the R21 where we went right towards batman tunnel. Here jaco made friends with rocks, but eventually we went through batman tunnel and saw a huge tree that fell over in a bizaar way, it’s main stem is cleanly separated from the roots by a force of nature that we could only guess was lightning.

I rode to the start of blaire witch, and clearly the witch was busy trying to hide the singletrack from us with thick overgrowth, but me and kobus knew it was there and once we got though the thick of things we could ride again. Then we went down rooters route, it was nice but very washed out towards the end, with me clearing some vegetation towards the end we found the track popping out at st georges hotel.

We returned to the moo mall via mieliemeel muur and had some garlic bread and horlics shakes to celebrate a great night out. It is always nice to be out there with like minded people. We did 25km of dirt in +- 1h50min.You guys missed out.See you next time, and remember keep the dirt side on and the tv off.

Jacques a.k.a. mummy man

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There I was, the only old hand and no less than five (or was it six?) D&D virgins (ok at least one had done one D&D ride some time ago). Fortunately the Russian showed up just before we left and we had a sweeper with experience.

My idea was to go up Cruiser, but with the recent growth of the grass, I could not find it, so I decided to go up Big Dipper, but that was also hidden. Not to be stumped, I lead the riders down to the railway line and went up the old end of Big Dipper. The entrance was easy to find, but the overgrown rest not easily recognisable as a trail.

I assured the riders that this was the “Wild” part of the “Mild to Wild” ride, but I’m not so sure they still believed me after the Mieliemuur RUSH, the climb up to the Rietvlei electricity substation, the vlei we encountered going down and The Trail that Eric shall name with the stump in it, to name a few. Well, I mentioned that the grass is really long these days.

So I was too late to see the stump over Eric’s trail and was stumped by the stump – hence the report. Slightly rattled, I headed straight for Smuts House – and got lost. Just in case you think I did not know where I was going: You should see all the new works and roads leading nowhere on that hill. We got safely home to the Moo Mall a little before ten and the the new no-longer-virgins assured me they would be back. I just wonder where the converts from the previous Thursday were.

Oupa Gert.

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Report on last week’s ride!


Nice ONE!!!! 🙂

On 7 March 2012 21:02, Gavin Gilbert wrote:

Hey Clint (aka Hardy!),

I’m the virgin who is a virgin no longer…… Sorry, this report took longer than anticipated, but here goes.

This was the first night ride experience for Byron, Oeloff and myself, we weren’t sure what to expect, especially after seeing Oupa getting dressed up in all those arm guards we thought we were in for something serious, but we were pleasantly surprised! First of all we met a good bunch of guys, we liked the way the whole ride was organised and the fun routes we rode, from the python (which had us all looking for the red stone, and I saw it!), Blair witch (she grabbed hold of Byron’s legs while peddling through – that was pretty scary!), batman tunnel (sure one of them bats sucked some of Oeloff’s blood – he hasn’t been the same since that night, and he now howls at full moon!) to the super tube (which I’m not sure we rode but there was a section that felt just like a supertube to me, it was a very smooth, quick section and the grass was very long). I just peddled and let the bike take me where it wanted to go, which was ok for most of the ride!

Everything was going well and I was pretty chuffed after I saving myself from falling on the downhill section at St Georges Hotel, which is pretty rocky, I heard Byron chirping behind me how close that was…..and thirty metres further I wasn’t as lucky, I hit a rock, went flying over the handle bars, heard one hell of a bang as my head connected mother earth, and landed not so gently on my right shoulder and ribs, which I might add ached (and still does) pretty badly…… When we got underneath the highway the guys all tried, and tried again to get around the column (except for Hardy of course!) and perseverance paid off for most of them. At this stage I had fallen enough for one evening and decided to leave this challenge for the next time. We all headed back to the cars very satisfied after an enjoyable experience…….. We will definitely be back for more!!



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About last weeeks ride…..

So, Oupa, Frequent Flyer, Vlam and Hardy were joined 4 virgins for a night out…. lots of wild fun… it was late into the ride when one of the virgins took a gnarly roll in the grass down roetters route and claimed scribe status….

Some lekker sections long grass singletacks and with a tar bit where blokes cracked 62km/h….zoooommmm
and playing up the wall under highway had lotsa blokes slllliiiiiiidddin down. yeeeeoch but great points for eagerness to try again and again.

The Virgin who is a virgin no longer promised to post us a report… sadly none yet… aahwell



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