RSS >>> The night of the stump

09 Mar

There I was, the only old hand and no less than five (or was it six?) D&D virgins (ok at least one had done one D&D ride some time ago). Fortunately the Russian showed up just before we left and we had a sweeper with experience.

My idea was to go up Cruiser, but with the recent growth of the grass, I could not find it, so I decided to go up Big Dipper, but that was also hidden. Not to be stumped, I lead the riders down to the railway line and went up the old end of Big Dipper. The entrance was easy to find, but the overgrown rest not easily recognisable as a trail.

I assured the riders that this was the “Wild” part of the “Mild to Wild” ride, but I’m not so sure they still believed me after the Mieliemuur RUSH, the climb up to the Rietvlei electricity substation, the vlei we encountered going down and The Trail that Eric shall name with the stump in it, to name a few. Well, I mentioned that the grass is really long these days.

So I was too late to see the stump over Eric’s trail and was stumped by the stump – hence the report. Slightly rattled, I headed straight for Smuts House – and got lost. Just in case you think I did not know where I was going: You should see all the new works and roads leading nowhere on that hill. We got safely home to the Moo Mall a little before ten and the the new no-longer-virgins assured me they would be back. I just wonder where the converts from the previous Thursday were.

Oupa Gert.

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    March 13, 2012 at 8:35 pm

    We’re here Oupa, just had a hectic one last week….will be back as promised!



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