Thurs 29th March -t’was a Shakespearian Account

07 Apr

From: Otto Behrens

After the Shakespearian standard was set and then the challenge of
writing a song, I felt quite intimidated. But I’m still dreaming about
that night…

It all started with the “calling of all lovers”, prompting some old
d&d folk to get together for a bit of a reunion. Well, I’m not that
old and not one of the first riders, but the vibe was lively and I
couldn’t resist. At about 14:30 Thursday, after watching other people
work for a while, I just went home to get my stuff ready. On the way
there, I called DK, said he was mentioned on the list and expected to
make a guest appearance, which he did! Cool.

I checked my light way too late. When I switched it on, it just went
off after a minute. Ran around frantically looking for another one,
and ended up using DK’s spare one anyway. Like a choir, everyone
shouted “roadie” when I got out the car. Didn’t realise that after my
first ever Argus being my first ever road bike race everyone would be
that worried that I’d take it up seriously.

After some hesitancy to lead, Oupa Gert led 12 gallant riders off into
the night. We left Hardy and QT in their black mourning attire behind,
suitably dressed because they’re missing out. I felt slightly shaky on
my bike, but thought that had to do with clearing my VW polo’s throat
on the way. We looked around for big dipper, but could not find it in
the long grass. Following a single track led us to nowhere in
particular; we circled back and then caught a trail past Cornwall hill
college where I earned my privilege to be writing here. It’s all DK’s
fault really because he was telling me about his fireblade kicking 120
KW, going at 130 in 1’st, 170 in 2’nd, and for a moment I thought I
was on it. The landing was soft, in the long grass. The ego’s landing
was harder.

We rode next to the rail track towards Smuts House, long grass hanging
over the jeep track, some water puddles, wet grass in your face, smell
of veld wet soil and crisp night air. Bliss. Past Smuts house down
python and back. Watch out for the red rocks. And then we took a false
quad buster, perhaps the bud quaster? The jeep track just dried up
suddenly and we carried our bikes up to the top of quad buster. It
felt like a real AR night, our second portage.

To my surprise, Oupa Gert asked if this is the picnic spot. We were
served with jam tarts, gluhwein, easter eggs and great conversation
all round. DK and Cobus, being fiercely competitive and all, compared
9.7 and 9.8 k’s on the clock up to here, bike weights (15 and 16 kgs)
and who can drink the most gluhwein. The roadies would have been proud
(my buddies of course).

Down quad buster is more of a butt buster on the hard tail, but what
fun! I’ll take a blue ass any day for that. We then went back up past
Smuts house up to the hiway, along side it up to St. Georges. Over the
hiway and then did the Shebeen Queen speedway. Who took it? I was
3’rd. Back along the Cornwall hill wall to the Moo mall. About 20k’s?
Who knows? My endomondo was quite confused about this ride. It really
wanted me to do a training ride, so I was in highveld technopark and
back in about 2 minutes, with some other erratic spikes.

We could still order burgers at the spur and even a couple of beers or
hot chocolate. More chats about great adventures, great adventurers,
some to come others past. But what about the next d&d? Aw, not on the
MTN racing calendar? No, just pure fun, laughs, dirt. Thank you
everyone, you’re making a city dweller happy.

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