Ride Report 3 May

31 May

So I got the job of writing up a report on what happened at the last Dark and Dirty ride held on the 3de of May, this happened because I got dirty first by falling of my Mtb first (please note I think they planed this as the person’s that was leading us took us on a bush bashing with no track)

As I said, this was my first ride with the D&D group and my very first night ride ever. I got to Irene mall at around 6:30pm and I saw no one with bikes I started to get worried, maybe I got the wrong mall maybe hey not meeting this was thoughts that was going through my mind. I was on my cell on their web pages when I looked up and there were cars with bikes that surrounded me, some great people got out and quickly helped me to set up my light and telling me how great the ride is going to be.

After a sort speech we set of for a short 25km night ride in less than 2km I bit the dust hitting a rock (always fun) and I got told I am it. Not really a bad way to start our first night ride! This is also where our two group leaders informed us they don’t know where the track is anymore no names will be given here (Q and L you know who you are) after having to carry our bike for a few hundred meters we got to the track and we where off to a place Q named LSD park. This was a nice little park to ride in but after seeing many a rider see their back side trying to go up this little hill I was starting to wonder if they were not on LSD (I was the one that did not try the climb eish sorry guys next time).

From there we got to what looked like some ones farm where we stopped. Where Q and L said we need to switch off all our lights and something about ghosts, at this point I was thinking the LSD really is working and which way is home??? Are they now going to call on the ghosts our something what did I get myself into?? All this was going through my mind, and there was no way I am putting my lights off, are you nuts???? Then I was told it’s a ghost ride only riding by the light of the moon still thinking they’re nuts I turned off my lights and stayed in the Black line as Q puts it, and well I have to tell you it was great fun!!

After about 2 hours 30mins we started to see the lights of Irene mall I was grateful for it to be the end but also thinking to myself “Let’s do that again”.

Its a pity I will miss the next one but I can’t wait to get there on the 17th.


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