D&D rides for June / July…..keep on rollin…..keep on rollin…….

06 Jun

Heya Folks,

Wooohoooooo can you believe it … over seven years of D&D…"free riding" .. doing what we love…..keep on rollin….keep on rollin..
Waaay back in April 2005 we started this open, social, night riding group as a training ride for AR folks.. and got more and more MTB’rs keen to taste the dark side πŸ™‚

What a pleasure and an honour it has been, having had the pleasure of journeying with some of the greatest souls … some real grits and some real diamonds… and they still keep coming outa the dark dirt to have some good ol knobbly fun.

Sooo as is the custom.. first night of every month is a 25km INTRO, especially for the newbies wanting to join the parade of lights, cruisin some of the most awesome trails around.
And this Thursday we will get to howl at the moooOOoooOoooon as we get to do a few obligatory Ghost rides for the love of it… πŸ™‚

So buds and babes,
keep the knobblies on the dirt and c ya in da dark



7 June – 25km INTRO
14 June – 35km Mild2Wild
21 June – Fast&Flirty 35km
28 June – Rock&Roll 35km (gnarly trails πŸ™‚

5 July – 25km INTRO
12 July – Fast&Flirty 35km
19 July – Rock&Roll 35km (gnarly trails πŸ™‚
26 July – 35km Mild2Wild

27-29July – Dark Horse Solis Ortis 24Hour / 120km


Where: Irene Village shopping mall..
When: Every Thursday night,
Starts 18h45 for 19h00
Website :

No Charge,

Everyone Welcome, ride at own risk.

Bring: Helmets, Buddies, lights, ride snax & juice, your buddies

and some ching for beers & pizza after the ride.

SOCIAL riding group with SAFETY a Key Factor.
No-One gets left behind,
We always have a sweeper and visual/radio contact.


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