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D&D ride report 20Sept2012

Seeing that nobody did the report (some people earned the right if I’m not mistaken), I’ll do a quick one to prove to Cat-I and others that it DID happen.

On a beautiful spring evening only five riders turned up. Come on people, you are missing out!

Once more Nico was nominated to lead; something he did with great speed as is his habit. Which only meant that he had to wait a lot for us backriders to catch up.
Choosing to skip Wash-n-go and taking the tar, even up past Smuts house, I was just beginning to think that we are on a roady ride when Nico took us up Quadbuster and over the next rocky hill as well, followed by one of Nico’s specials and then up a tar road again. At least I chose to ride on the tar as the side of the road had been prepared for farming it seemed. So we stayed on the tar until we encountered some unexpected mud in Bat tunnel resulting in "Dirty" becoming very real. The tar was avoided climbing up to the sub-station and down the other side and back to the tar doing the loop in the veld which included a non-tar section and then back to the substation on guess what… Blairwitch was tar-free, but not quite so the next bit to the spruit followed by gravel, finishing on….

Despite all the tar (somewhat exaggerated) it was an enjoyable ride. So come out and enjoy the ride with us tomorrow night!


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D&D Ride Report 13 Sept 2012

Morning Peoples of the night,

Due to a lack of internet skills (amongst others) I don’t know how to post the ride report on the website, somebody please help out!!! Here is the report anyways:

After last week’s disappointment of sitting in the Spur with a cold milk in the hand looking at rain it was great to be greeted by a lovely spring evening and 8 fellow riders of the dark side. After quick deliberation Nico was appointed as ride master and Oupa Gert as Sweeper and off we went. Nico hit the cruise button on his bike and in the absence of virgins it the pace was brisk, first we headed down next to the wall of Cornwall Hill Estate over rocks, slote and with big smiles the tone was set. Discussion raged fiercely at this point covering topics ranging from single track on the dark side of the moon to whether or not the Bat-Eared Fox, Otocyn megalotis, would be able to outrun a three legged Cape Hare, Lepus capensis (europaeus).

On a sad not we had to do a steep climb and saw Rietvlei Nature Reserve was engulfed in flames, hopefully just a controlled fire….. Next we set off again through blair witch road (I’m not really sure about all the trail names, so please excuses. Latin names of animals mentioned in previous paragraph are however accurate) and taking this at a brisk pace made it more fun than ever. Then we headed down a very pleasant and fast jeep track that looked fairly familiar, but going at pace I really didn’t have a lot of time to figure out where we were. This was followed by an awesome single track down the hill with a couple of rocks in it (holy trail?) and the smiles were broadening at every second. Nobody really cared how the three legged Lepus capensis (europaeus) lost his leg or if this was indeed covered by his medical aid.

So then it happened, why am I writing this report? Yes in the modern day democratic society the masses rule, and having to pump my slow puncture tyre I was elected to be the report writer. Well I duly punished them “friends” a few kilometres down the road by getting a proper puncture and making everybody wait. We coasted home doing the Python in reverse and like ex-AA members smelling beer he trapped to get to the SPUR in time for another cold glass of milk and to get into the Spur before the rain drops started falling.

Awesome ride and big thanks to Nico for leading., all in all we were out for about 1.5 – 2 hours and did just under 30km.

This morning a couple of questions did however dwindle in my head:

1. How is it possible that one ride can be such fun!!!

2. How do you feel sitting at your desk this morning if you were not one of the privileged 9 happy riders?

3. Can the Otocyn megalotis actually beat a three legged Lepus capensis (europaeus)?

See you all next week for more fun without the sun!!!!!

Frequent Flyer

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This Weeks D&D 25km INTRO – 6th September -Spring is in the air….

Yo Folks,

Join the crew for a lekker 25 km INTRO ride this Thursday night..


Where: Irene Village shopping mall..
When: Every Thursday night,
Starts 18h45 for 19h00
Website :

No Charge,

Everyone Welcome, ride at own risk.

Bring: Helmets, Buddies, lights, ride snax & juice, your buddies

and some ching for beers & pizza after the ride.

SOCIAL riding group with SAFETY a Key Factor.
No-One gets left behind,

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D&D Ride Report 30 Aug 2012

Yes, I know what you are all thinking – the ride report gets written by the person who first ate the dirt. Well, although nobody did do to “dishonourable dismount” thing, being the sweeper I certainly did “eat dirt” on this beautiful but very dry and dusty spring (dare I say it?) evening.

Ok, so things looked a little shaky to start with. There were 4 cyclists (i.e. people with bikes) in the parking lot, being Duct Tape and 3 Noobs(!!!), and 4 non-cyclists which seemed intent on ensuring we wouldn’t leave on our ride without a decent “Woop Woop” – Hardy, QT, Francois and another old DnD’er whose name I forget. So just when it looked like a tour-de-tar ride, Oupa Gert and Herman arrived to save the day and ensure that we got our fair share of singletrack riding in on this beautiful Spring evening.

So we set off, a little late, but to a very enthusiastic “Woop Woop” from QT and co – Oupa Gert as Trailmeister, Newbies Tyson (henceforth to be known as “Tron”), Hendrik (dubbed “Yster”), Ed (a.k.a. “Pastor”), Herman and yours truly as the sweeper. Thanks for the send-off guys, but next time, please bring your bikes – we missed your happy banter on the trails!

And at this point I’d just like to wish Francois “Strength and Honour” for his trying week ahead, we hope they make a successful prognosis, accurate treatment and that you have a speedy recovery, and look forward to having you back on the trail really soon.

So off we (Woop Woop) set, Oupa Gert managing to dig up some great singletrack and dual track on the way to our first play area – Ecstasy Park, which we did a few loops in, first counter, then clockwise. After that it was with a dash of enthusiasm that OG led us to Mamba. One could see the glint in the whiley eyes, and knew that the trailmeister had something planned for the noobs. Yip, none other than a ghost ride up Mamba in the light of the Blue Moon. Yeeeehaaaa!!! Waiting for me at the end were some huge smiles, confirming that, just because you have ridden these trails before, doesn’t mean they arent more thrilling at night!

From Mamba the trailmeister pulled out some great fun dirt road rides to get us to the blair witch forest, and after a few more speed zones we were back at Moo Mall, smiles all around, with Tron, Yster and Pastor confirming they’ll be back again, and Herman and I commenting about how we don’t do this nearly often enough!

Oupa Gert – you really did pick out a great route for what we decided would be a relatively short ride, thanks a million, I can confirm my face is stiff again from all the smiling last night (ok, and my teeth are still full of dust despite repeated brushings, but who cares).

Ride Stats:

Smileage: abt 25km

Riders: 6

Of which: 2 were on Mountainbikes, and

4 were on 26er’s 😛

So to you all who didn’t make the ride, or who haven’t ridden a DnD for a while, get your lazy butts out and join in the fun! I promise you won’t regret it! And spread the word, the weather is perfect, the trails are screaming out to us, so let’s ride them and keep the Dark and Dirty Rides going!

Yours truly

Duct Tape

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