D&D Ride Report 13 Sept 2012

19 Sep

Morning Peoples of the night,

Due to a lack of internet skills (amongst others) I don’t know how to post the ride report on the website, somebody please help out!!! Here is the report anyways:

After last week’s disappointment of sitting in the Spur with a cold milk in the hand looking at rain it was great to be greeted by a lovely spring evening and 8 fellow riders of the dark side. After quick deliberation Nico was appointed as ride master and Oupa Gert as Sweeper and off we went. Nico hit the cruise button on his bike and in the absence of virgins it the pace was brisk, first we headed down next to the wall of Cornwall Hill Estate over rocks, slote and with big smiles the tone was set. Discussion raged fiercely at this point covering topics ranging from single track on the dark side of the moon to whether or not the Bat-Eared Fox, Otocyn megalotis, would be able to outrun a three legged Cape Hare, Lepus capensis (europaeus).

On a sad not we had to do a steep climb and saw Rietvlei Nature Reserve was engulfed in flames, hopefully just a controlled fire….. Next we set off again through blair witch road (I’m not really sure about all the trail names, so please excuses. Latin names of animals mentioned in previous paragraph are however accurate) and taking this at a brisk pace made it more fun than ever. Then we headed down a very pleasant and fast jeep track that looked fairly familiar, but going at pace I really didn’t have a lot of time to figure out where we were. This was followed by an awesome single track down the hill with a couple of rocks in it (holy trail?) and the smiles were broadening at every second. Nobody really cared how the three legged Lepus capensis (europaeus) lost his leg or if this was indeed covered by his medical aid.

So then it happened, why am I writing this report? Yes in the modern day democratic society the masses rule, and having to pump my slow puncture tyre I was elected to be the report writer. Well I duly punished them “friends” a few kilometres down the road by getting a proper puncture and making everybody wait. We coasted home doing the Python in reverse and like ex-AA members smelling beer he trapped to get to the SPUR in time for another cold glass of milk and to get into the Spur before the rain drops started falling.

Awesome ride and big thanks to Nico for leading., all in all we were out for about 1.5 – 2 hours and did just under 30km.

This morning a couple of questions did however dwindle in my head:

1. How is it possible that one ride can be such fun!!!

2. How do you feel sitting at your desk this morning if you were not one of the privileged 9 happy riders?

3. Can the Otocyn megalotis actually beat a three legged Lepus capensis (europaeus)?

See you all next week for more fun without the sun!!!!!

Frequent Flyer

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