D&D ride report 20Sept2012

27 Sep

Seeing that nobody did the report (some people earned the right if I’m not mistaken), I’ll do a quick one to prove to Cat-I and others that it DID happen.

On a beautiful spring evening only five riders turned up. Come on people, you are missing out!

Once more Nico was nominated to lead; something he did with great speed as is his habit. Which only meant that he had to wait a lot for us backriders to catch up.
Choosing to skip Wash-n-go and taking the tar, even up past Smuts house, I was just beginning to think that we are on a roady ride when Nico took us up Quadbuster and over the next rocky hill as well, followed by one of Nico’s specials and then up a tar road again. At least I chose to ride on the tar as the side of the road had been prepared for farming it seemed. So we stayed on the tar until we encountered some unexpected mud in Bat tunnel resulting in "Dirty" becoming very real. The tar was avoided climbing up to the sub-station and down the other side and back to the tar doing the loop in the veld which included a non-tar section and then back to the substation on guess what… Blairwitch was tar-free, but not quite so the next bit to the spruit followed by gravel, finishing on….

Despite all the tar (somewhat exaggerated) it was an enjoyable ride. So come out and enjoy the ride with us tomorrow night!


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