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D&D Ride Report – 4 October 2012

Hi There DnD folk,

Running on the beach after work I felt very bad, forgot to do last week’s ride report, so here goes….

First ride of the month is always an intro ride, so we gathered at the Irene Village Mall at 19:00 for a lekker laid back ride. Well as DnD goes there is always a surprise or two and a rabbit in the hat. Our rabbit for the night was Bruce, our two legged friend, equipped with apparatus we have not seen for a while, tekkies. Oh yes the age old question of evolution was debated again without anybody noticing, we were having too much fun.

We set off under leadership of yours truly, and as I really didn’t remember where to ride to we all appreciated the guidance of Oupa Gerrit. We made our way to Ecstasy Park and did stuff you do in Ecstasy Park, you know have fun. Tekkie machine was keeping good speed and the peoples of the the big rubber wheels knew that the tribe of two legged ones sent out their purest specimen for a stroll in the dark. Meandering to the big dump and then doing python and nohtyp (that is python in reverse for the tired ones) we slowly made our way to quad buster.

In our hearts we knew the chips were down when Bruce asked if this would be a speed zone, surely the wheel would be stronger than the tekkie. For a moment the crickets stopped cricketing, the frogs sat up in anticipation and the bats elevated themselves for a better view point. Tortoise vs hare, Obama vs Romney, Otocyn megalotis vs three legged Lepus capensis (europaeus), Alien vs Zombie, TEKKIE vs WHEEL. Well not much to report on, evolution was reversed, when the wheels opened their eyes tekkie was halfway up quad buster and after a chase in vain we found Bruce smiling and on top.

To make wheel feel better tekkie headed home and we happily cruised the long way round back to the the mall. What a treat to be riding with Bruce and to be out on a lovely summer night with friends.

So if you can’t join me for a jog on Nahoon beach after work (sorry did I say that again…) get your backside on a saddle and go ride with DnD on Thursday evening! Ride starts at 19:00 at the Irene Village Mall, be there or be square 🙂

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Jan aka Frequent Flyer

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