The short ride of Jan 17, 2013

24 Jan

Due to a unfortunate incident of long grass and deep trench , Oupa Gert had a incident and cut open his forehead.

He was taken to hospital by Stefan.

Thanx to the 6 guys who all tried to help.

Get well soon Oupa Gert.

Remember that empty "grave" next to Cruiser? And how long the grass is and hidden the trail this time of the year? And how light it still is at the start of the ride and how you don’t quite need to switch on your light yet?

Well, remembering the wrong things and forgetting the right things cost me dearly, but I am thankful that it is just a couple of grand with a facelift thrown in, one eye swollen tight and the other half and not much pain. The scars, if any, will not make much difference, anyway 🙂

Thanks for all the help and well wishes and especially to Leon who came to pick me up and Stefan who drove me to hospital, waited till 23h30 and drove me home.

See you all at some future D&D rides!


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