Urban bash and the lost skewer nut

24 May

No, I did not earn the right to write this ride report; I do it to lure back the knights of the Order of the Night Riders.

Two expected riders did not turn up, newbie Michelle and old-timer Herman did. With only the three of us, it was prudent to rather do an urban bash. All went well through PvR, the Airforce wall and down End-of-the world, but then Herman who was sweeping, shouted a warning as he noticed a skewer falling. It was quickly established that it belonged to Michelle and the nut was obviously missing.

We walked back up the rocky part of End-of-the-world looking for the needle in a haystack and then Herman volunteered to ride back and get Michelle’s car after exchanging cell phone numbers. The two of us decided that it was safe to slowly ride back and attempt to spot the missing nut. Herman only met us with Michelle’s car at the Engen garage close to the N1; he did not have her parking ticket and had quite a job convincing the guard at the gate that he was not stealing the car!

With Michelle safely on her way, Herman and I decided to do a shortened Urban bash and returned back at the Moo mall a little before ten having done about 30Kms.

Come on guys and gals; if you dress properly the cold is nothing and we can enjoy all of the nice trails. So see you next week!

Oupa Gert

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