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Dirt Flirt ride report by Francois

It can never be foretold which Knights of the night will grace the night with their appearance; as the Knights were readying their steeds, trailmeister elder Gerrit appeared with a rush of wind to lead the charge. As 7 of us; Carl, Rudolf, Tobias, Jason, Francois and un-initiated maiden Tharien steered our steeds through the gates maiden Michelle appeared in a way not unlike trailmeister, just in time to join the charge.

At the bottom of Cruiser my name was called through an equipment failure to chronicle the adventure. Yet Cruiser it was not to be, Trailmeister had another calling tonight to venture into strange lands of which the names are seldom whispered. Down we went, affording just a glimpse of Ezekiel’s drop off, wonder if last week’s chapter had something to do with it, until we reached the rail tracks, heading north following the track through some strange looking lands. Overgrown paths did not deter us from our quest but eventually lured us back to the present following some tar road to the bottom of VO2 max, but no-one really looked in the mood to max out and proceeded at a brisk pace on the perimeter of the airbase to Michelle’s-lost-nut as chronicled in a previous chapter.

Having found some more single track next to R21 maiden Tharien underestimated crossing a gully and did a less graceful dismount, only sound to be heard was ‘ I am not writing the (beep) race report’. Shall it be named Tharien’s folly? Undeterred we proceeded with the lovely single track all the way around the north perimeter of the base, down some more tar onward to kiss-your-handlebars tunnel under N1 heading home. Alas fate revisited Tharien when a stick took out her derailleur, unfazed she just ran on with her bike, almost leaving us behind.

Another 26km of night smilage on a lovely evening of mild Highveld winter weather.

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