Rock-‘n-Roll Ride Report by Michelle

29 Jul

Thursday saw four of us brave another evening of winter riding. As I am 1) generally ‘rigting-bedonnerd’, and 2) have a particularly bad memory of names and places, I cannot give too many details of where we cycled. I only know that the ride involved many hills!

The first hill offered amazing views of the city lights, and was followed by the RUSH. All of us were too careful to Ride it Until Something Happened – we all reached the bottom unscathed. Tobias and I were duped into tackling a ‘short’ sprint to a light ‘just around the corner’, which seemed to move away from us as we approached, so that the short sprint turned to being more of a long slog. Oupa Gert and Francois only looked on in amusement. All this was followed by several more hills. The ride was brought to an abrupt end when the valve on one of my tubes started leaking, necessitating a return (interspersed with several tyre-re-pumping sessions) to the cars. Oupa Gert was disappointed, as we were about to tackle the most technical parts of the ride. I was, quite honestly, rather relieved, as my several-week absence from riding had obviously impacted my fitness levels! We cycled app. 25 km, and it was great fun, as always!


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