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Xtra ride report for 2013-08-29 by Hardy

APAPOP ride report

There was something in the warm air last night… certainly no ordinary "last" Thursday of Winter….but then again, it was no ordinary ride either.
It was the XTRA (ordinary) ride.. Oupa Gerrit led the five of us into ghostly dark fields where anonymous rustles of dry veld grass succumbed to the excitement of knobblies rolling through wicked dirt… we shot a bit of bunny hop alley before breaking off down dirtybits and later the climb to the left of DirtRiders-Hill Challenge… and that was where it happened….first.. the reason i am to scribe the events into the DnD weblog of time…

At the top of the hill with a magnificent skyline setting the mood, She whispered gently and then started swaying in a non seductive way…..puncture, I pumped as fast and as hard as i could but there was no satisfaction. And finally i was to strip off the rear wheel and replace the tube.. serenaded by the usual commentry around the size of the equipment.. etc etc..

Paul scolded tube riders and we rolled on across the less used singletrack which connects up with the start of BeegDipper, the latter of which i might add requires a trimming as our legs got scratched while zipping through the tight bush.

At the bottom of Vetseun, a group of about 12 other riders were on their way back from their ride… "Veilig daar." was the advice.. and we understood it as "Safe there" to where we are going.. it is always good to be safe…

So we cruise down wash and go… and hurdle "Die Sloot" and then it was time for Python.. there and back.. so schweet… bit dark for a ghost ride.. but that never stopped some of us before 🙂

There were some interesting discussions on an upcoming Tshwane AR club race on 9 November in DunDee-KZN ( So we quickly put together a team that can’t wait to see what race director Willem has to show us out there..

We took a dice up QUAD Busta.. and while Tikka-man Tobi, Paul and I wrestled the well eroded direct route.. Francois and Oupa G pulled ahead on the longer route.. Paul got some good grip and made a mad dash.. not sure who got there first.. lets just say i was dutifully sweeeping that speedzone 🙂

We went straight over look-Ma-No-Brakes and then as we descended the gnarlyness towards the bottom of holytrail… we saw a bakkie parked in the dark… and in its headlights 3 dudes were diggin in the dirt.. there was a weird akwardness and we escaped up Puffadder…

Descending down "the-trail-that-Eric-shall-name" i was behind Tikka-man Tobi… and laughed as he launched off a drop right into the veld and quickly zooted back into the singletrack.. yes Tikka, as in minimal light headlamp he is using…lol.. which probably had something to do with the most insane gnarly route choice down a deep rut and big loose boulders i followed him into… thanks dude, that so ROcked!!!

We witnessed the tail lights of a old Datsun Pulsar drive through Batman tunnel… yes the sides were scraped… and Paul alluded us up Mineshaft.
It was at the top where Tobi had a turn to pump.. and then we were heading down "light at the end of the tunnel" which was ubber cool… untill i whacked a rock and got a snakebite….. whooosh…. darn it.. that was my new tube… i pump and it looks like it seals… eventually… the other tubeless dudes are out of site.. to which Tobi makes a note about natural selection process…lol

We head back as fast as possible to the mall, only my seal keeps blurping and i have to stop at regular intervals.. pumping and pumping and riding and pumping,.. but the mall lights are close now… looks like we are going to make it… and then about 20 metres from the entrance there is this nasty blast of note… Paul’s rear tyre gets a nasty slice that uncle stans has no answer to…not even a pomp could help… so we do the walk of shame into the mall to wrap up a rather interesting night out… lol i am not sure which was more tired, my arms or my legs..

Smiles & Laughs- 100’s
Great conversation and Banter 100’s
Tube Punctures x3 😦
Tubless puncture x1
Mooon – none
Large Low Aircraft Flyovers – x1

Thank you Gentleman, It was truly an honour to ride with you, and hope to do so again soon!!!


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Mild-to-Wild 2013-08-15 report by Michelle

It was a balmy night – so mild
When four of us set off on the Mild-to-Wild
Through valleys, up hills,
over rocks and landfills.

City lights illuminated the night
At some stage we heard a nightjar on our right
The grasslands burnt and green
We could just make out: sprigs pushing through – oh so keen.

As the evening progressed
The creeping-in cold made us reluctant to rest
We cycled on and on
Until 41 km were gone!

Thanks again Oupa Gert
For leading us each on our wheeled ‘perd’
We had a wonderful time
And that’s the end of this rhyme!

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