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The Rock-‘n-Roll ride of 2013-10-24

I’m doing this report not because I earned the right (nobody did and nobody volunteered), but because it was so nice to be back after a four week layoff.

Eight riders, including Tharien to increase the average beauty of the group, assembled in the parking area of the Moo mall on a coolish October evening with no rain in sight, but a bit of wind. As I was unsure about my fitness, I planned on a 25km ride and informed the riders, but nobody complained. In the end we did 28km and again nobody complained.

Since it was a long time since we had done the real Cruiser, we spent some time to find the trail which we did after a short bundu bash. We made it safely past the "grave" that landed me in hospital earlier this year and at the top we took the path to the Plant Park, crossed Nellmapius and continued to the Mieliemuur downhill RUSH which we tackled as a speed zone. The next speed zone followed soon afterwards up to the second turn-off at the left. Unfortunately I had to disqualify the first three because they stuck to the tar, claiming to not have heard the warning that they should ride next to the tar 🙂

Having had some problems reigning in the youngsters going up the road, I granted them another speed zone going up the steep hill towards Rietvlei dam. As we had a few first-timers, we deceived them in sprinting to the "Light at the Top" before going down the Mineshaft.

Bat Tunnel had a surprise water pool at the exit, but nobody got too wet as far as I know. We then proceeded to the lower part of the "Trail that Eric shall name" with a snack-stop thrown in. Freakin Woof has lost most of it’s rocky features, but a few still remain. I suppressed the thought of going down Puffadder and opted for the Holy Trail instead. Python was another speed zone followed by the Tour de Tar to finally give the guys and girl with too much fitness a bit of a workout.

To round off the single tracks for the night, we chose going up Big Dipper. My half-hearted offer to go up to the reservoir and down Dirt Rider hill, was voted out and we returned directly back to the Moo Mall where we arrived at 21h30.

That was another enjoyable evening on the dirt and if you missed out, come join the Xtra ride next week!

Oupa Gert.

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D&D Ride report for 2013-10-17 by Francois

Lovely summer evening. Nice to have Michele and Tobias again; now becoming core members of the group. Also joined by Andrew who every now and then shows presence. 4 Riders, urban bash or bundu bash, …. The tracks call loud and clear, ok, ok lets do a bit of a hybrid. Off to Ecstasy park we go to go and play a bit on the drop-offs, sadly the fence is disappearing; most probably sold as scrap metal.

Ezekiel’s dropoff or Cruiser hill ???, Michele wins the vote and up the hill for the view …..about time for a birthday so we can have some cupcakes to go with the view. Wonder what happened to master cupcake baker Adri ???. Shall we venture as far as Python?…..everything is quiet….so a lekker speedzone down Python. Lucky for some, clouds covered the moon just in time to rule out a GHOST ride.

Getting brave now past cement factory up dirt road….. just waiting for oupa Gert to recover then we can do a right here and sneak into TheBigRedBarn. Up Eric’s route to be named (one of my favourites next to Python) and down R21 (Roeter’s route – ed), nobody feels the need to be Shebeen Queen tonight. Oh my, a new fence at the bottom….not to fear; we are D&D and over the fence man and equipment go….Heartbreak hill is waiting. Tobias is the uncontested king of the hill, not often you see one kick up dust going up the hill. On a roll he takes Tour de Tar like a champion.

Too soon we reach the mall for another evening of fun riding 30.45km in total !! See you later this week.


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D&D Ride report for 2013-10-10 by Francois

16h00 and some serious storm clouds gather threatening our ride, lightning, thunder, some rain… fast forward 18h00… the clouds clear leaving a lovely smell of fresh rain and damp soil. What more can a mtb’er ask for.

Soon we were readying our bikes and 5 riders (Otto, Stefan, Thomas, Tharien, Francois) meant we could hit the tracks. Up Cornwall, cruiser and the freshness after the rain hit you in the face…..awesome, tracks compacted, no dust…promise for a great ride.

A short stop on top of Cruiser to admire the city lights (and catch your breath) and off we went. A quick search for the elusive extension (after some earthworks) of Cruiser was rewarded soon when Otto rediscovered the lost track, down Vetseun on to Wash and Go……however the scraping sound of a tyre brought us to an abrupt stop…. Serious chain suck between cassette and spoke, took 3 guys tucking pulling for some 15minutes to free the chain. Wash and Go (sans water) is recovering nicely after the recent earthworks, no more moat jumping required.

Speed session down python exhilarating as usual, another speed session up dirt road gives me and Tharien time to recover, up Erik’s route to be named, down Blairwitch forest, up the hill, down the jeeptrack under the powerlines where Tharien and myself missed the track going right and in process of some bushwhacking got another semi-serious chain suck on the front cassette. The 3 speed demons that went hurtling down the hill were quick to the rescue and soon on our way to Bat tunnel. WTF…. Bat tunnel had gone blind….all to be seen was a massive mound of earth. Quick scout by Otto shed no light on the blind Bat and some recalculating; recalculating (ala Garmin) sent us back via Shebeen with Stefan being crowned Shebeen queen for being the fastest.

As if all the speed sessions and the drag up Mielie-muur were not enough the 3 speed demons took on the final challenge of the climb up RUSH, with us mortals opting for the normal route to the mall. SO we finished a great ride of 31km of awesome weather and tracks.

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D&D rides for October

While summer and winter seems to alternate every few days, all the Thursdays in September had perfect weather, but not many riders made use of it.

Now is your chance to catch up and join the fun!

I am still a bit disabled and won’t be able to ride 😦
Please let us know who is willing to be the trailmeister.

Please reply to the list before Thursday 14h00 if you are coming so that we can know that there will be enough people for a safe ride. If you send me a message at 17h00, it is too late as I might have cancelled the ride already. You can also send a text (SMS) or a WhatsApp message to 0736891370 and I will report the number of takers on Thursday afternoons.

We want to move away from the darkanddirtymtb@DarkAndDirty list which seems to be more reliable.

D&D program for October 2013:

October 3: Intro Ride 25km. Come and bring a newbie along if you can!
October 10: Dirt Flirt 30km.
October 17: Mild to Wild 30 km.
October 24: Rock-‘n-Roll 30 km.

October 31: Xtra ride 30 km.


Where: Irene Village shopping mall.

We meet in the North-west corner of the parking lot close to Spur.

25°51’41.46"S, 28°14’56.94"E ( 25° 51.691’S, 28° 14.949’E)
When: Every Thursday night,
Starts 18h45 for 19h00
Website :

No Charge,

Everyone Welcome, ride at own risk.

Bring: Helmets, lights, ride snax & juice, your buddies

and some ching for beers & pizza after the ride.

SOCIAL riding group with SAFETY a Key Factor.
No-One gets left behind,

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