D&D Ride report for 2013-10-10 by Francois

14 Oct

16h00 and some serious storm clouds gather threatening our ride, lightning, thunder, some rain… fast forward 18h00… the clouds clear leaving a lovely smell of fresh rain and damp soil. What more can a mtb’er ask for.

Soon we were readying our bikes and 5 riders (Otto, Stefan, Thomas, Tharien, Francois) meant we could hit the tracks. Up Cornwall, cruiser and the freshness after the rain hit you in the face…..awesome, tracks compacted, no dust…promise for a great ride.

A short stop on top of Cruiser to admire the city lights (and catch your breath) and off we went. A quick search for the elusive extension (after some earthworks) of Cruiser was rewarded soon when Otto rediscovered the lost track, down Vetseun on to Wash and Go……however the scraping sound of a tyre brought us to an abrupt stop…. Serious chain suck between cassette and spoke, took 3 guys tucking pulling for some 15minutes to free the chain. Wash and Go (sans water) is recovering nicely after the recent earthworks, no more moat jumping required.

Speed session down python exhilarating as usual, another speed session up dirt road gives me and Tharien time to recover, up Erik’s route to be named, down Blairwitch forest, up the hill, down the jeeptrack under the powerlines where Tharien and myself missed the track going right and in process of some bushwhacking got another semi-serious chain suck on the front cassette. The 3 speed demons that went hurtling down the hill were quick to the rescue and soon on our way to Bat tunnel. WTF…. Bat tunnel had gone blind….all to be seen was a massive mound of earth. Quick scout by Otto shed no light on the blind Bat and some recalculating; recalculating (ala Garmin) sent us back via Shebeen with Stefan being crowned Shebeen queen for being the fastest.

As if all the speed sessions and the drag up Mielie-muur were not enough the 3 speed demons took on the final challenge of the climb up RUSH, with us mortals opting for the normal route to the mall. SO we finished a great ride of 31km of awesome weather and tracks.

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