D&D Ride report for 2013-10-17 by Francois

21 Oct

Lovely summer evening. Nice to have Michele and Tobias again; now becoming core members of the group. Also joined by Andrew who every now and then shows presence. 4 Riders, urban bash or bundu bash, …. The tracks call loud and clear, ok, ok lets do a bit of a hybrid. Off to Ecstasy park we go to go and play a bit on the drop-offs, sadly the fence is disappearing; most probably sold as scrap metal.

Ezekiel’s dropoff or Cruiser hill ???, Michele wins the vote and up the hill for the view …..about time for a birthday so we can have some cupcakes to go with the view. Wonder what happened to master cupcake baker Adri ???. Shall we venture as far as Python?…..everything is quiet….so a lekker speedzone down Python. Lucky for some, clouds covered the moon just in time to rule out a GHOST ride.

Getting brave now past cement factory up dirt road….. just waiting for oupa Gert to recover then we can do a right here and sneak into TheBigRedBarn. Up Eric’s route to be named (one of my favourites next to Python) and down R21 (Roeter’s route – ed), nobody feels the need to be Shebeen Queen tonight. Oh my, a new fence at the bottom….not to fear; we are D&D and over the fence man and equipment go….Heartbreak hill is waiting. Tobias is the uncontested king of the hill, not often you see one kick up dust going up the hill. On a roll he takes Tour de Tar like a champion.

Too soon we reach the mall for another evening of fun riding 30.45km in total !! See you later this week.


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