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D&D Ride report, Mild-to-Wild November 21, 2013

SA Weather predicted a 97% chance of rain, but for four riders a 3% chance of no rain was good enough to embark on an evening of MTB fun.

The ride did not start well. Michelle arrived with her Norwegian friend, Joleif, and his MTB had a flat even before we started. That was soon fixed by replacing the tube and we set off in the ominously gloomy evening with clouds promising to get us wet before too long. In the end we had a dry ride; at least as far as water from above was concerned. Water from below; well that is a different story. We encountered a few very slippery mud patches and a nice pool of very muddy water at the end of Bat Tunnel.

After enjoying the view of lights having worked up a bit of a heart rate going up Dirt Riders’s hill, it was down to the bottom part of Mieliemuur downhill RUSH. Newbie Jean and Joleif only started getting serious about it at the third speed zone going up to the sub-station at Rietvlei dam. The Farm loop was followed by the splash through Bat Tunnel and Friking Woof. Picking up speed going past St George’s, we were called back where the other tyre of Joleif’s bike had gone flat. We were out of tubes with the right type of valve and convinced Jolief to wait at the hotel reception to be picked up by Michelle and the remaining three of us made our way back to the Moo Mall via Mieliemuur.

So another enjoyable ride finished just before 22h00 with 35 km on the clock; at least for three of us.


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Dirt Flirt 14 Nov report by Francois

D&D report 14 Nov Dirt Flirt.

Ok a week late but here it is; 5 of us gathered just before 7 at Moo mall anticipating a great ride in awesome weather conditions even the light breeze was welcome. Oupa Gert, due to family commitments, could not lead the charge so Francois stood in.

First stop on top of Cruiser to admire the view and catch some breath. Onward, downhill to wash n go, but still no wash to due to lack of rain, but soon….. Not quite full moon, but nonetheless we thought of giving a ghost ride on python a bash…… nope after 50 meters we lost the track, just not enough light.

Past concrete pipe through bat tunnel, not too much mud – still no less elegant dismounts for the race report, up the hill, woohooo down zipline on to mealie field. Around mealiefield heading back through blairwitch forest. Shebeen queen, no takers for the speed zone so we just cruise down, enjoy the downhill chill before the drag up mealimuur. 33km and back before 21h30 a nice smooth ride with no incidents.

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Dark&Dirty rides for November 2013

Please reply to the list before Thursday 14h00 if you are coming so that we can know that there will be enough people for a safe ride. If you send me a message at 17h00, it is too late as I might have cancelled the ride already. You can also send a text (SMS) or a WhatsApp message to 0736891370 and I will report the number of takers on Thursday afternoons.

We want to move away from the darkanddirtymtb@DarkAndDirty list which seems to be more reliable.

D&D program for November 2013:

—>October 7: Intro Ride 25km. Enough fun for both new and regular riders.
October 14: Dirt Flirt 30km
October 21: Mild to Wild 30 km
October 28: Rock-‘n-Roll 30 km


Where: Irene Village shopping mall.

We meet in the North-west corner of the parking lot close to Spur.

25°51’41.46"S, 28°14’56.94"E ( 25° 51.691’S, 28° 14.949’E)
When: Every Thursday night,
Starts 18h45 for 19h00
Website :

No Charge,

Everyone Welcome, ride at own risk.

Bring: Helmets, lights, ride snax & juice, your buddies

and some ching for beers & pizza after the ride.

SOCIAL riding group with SAFETY a Key Factor.
No-One gets left behind,

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The Attrition ride of October 31, 2013

It was stormy most of the afternoon, but at 7 pm all the clouds had disappeared and it was a perfect night for riding. A surprising thirteen riders turned up for the ride, but only six finished it. Here is the sad story:

We headed out towards Xtacy Park, turning right going around the fence and turning left a few hundred metres on, but I made the mistake of only stopping to check for everyone at the second turn only to discover that the sweeper and another rider were not with us. Looking back, we could see two stationary lights so we waited. After a few minutes with the lights not moving, we decided to go back and help, but the lights turned out to be very stationary; in fact not fixed to MTBs, but to the fence!

On the presumption that there was a bad mechanical problem and that the two were walking back to the mall, we all went back to the mall, looked for the riders in the parking lot and the Spur, but only found the car of one with no bicycle on the carrier. Michelle phoned one of them and he finally answered. They had stopped briefly to adjust a light without stopping the group and after that the group had vanished. So they went straight on instead of turning and were already at the bridge at the bottom of Nellmapius!

We left the mall a second time to meet them and waited at the turn where we lost them. After waiting a few minutes, two of the riders decided that waiting was no fun and they turned back to go home. After some ten minutes of waiting we saw the lights approaching on Nellmapius, but when they got back to us, we were once more two short. It turned out that two other riders had gone back to the mall to see if we did not miss the other two coming back.

At this stage I was really beginning to feel a dismal failure as a trailmeister. Since the two were part of a group of four that came together, we had no option but to turn back to the mall to collect the other two. We found them at the Spur getting into their beers and very unwilling to continue the ride. Their friends decided to join them at the Spur and another rider decided, seeing the ride was already on for an hour and we were still at the start, to rather go to the gym.

13 riders went out for a ride.
2 went the wrong way and then there were 11
2 decided to go home and then then there were 9
2 went to the mall to look for their mates and then we were 7
2 came back from the wrong way and then there were 9
2 decided to join the beer party at Spur and then there were 7
1 decided to rather go gym and then there were 6

So the six set off straight to the Mieliemuur and down to the river, up to St Georges, down Leon’s Landing, up Heartbreak Hill, down Smuts House Road, up Quad Buster, down to Look-Ma-No-Breaks, but straight up the other side, down to Holy Trail, on to Python, Wash-‘n-Go, along the railway line, up Supertube, around Ezekiel’s dropoff and via some turns and twists back to the Moo mall where we arrived at 21h45, agreeing that the ride was worth more than having a Spur burger and beer.

O yes, let me just tell you about the little incident crossing the unused railway track. I pride myself that I am quite an experience rider; after all I have been riding bicycles for close on sixty years. I know that you have to cross a railway track as close as possible at a right angle and that is exactly what I did when I saw that I was going to ride right into a muddy puddle. So I turned quickly to avoid that and instead of riding into the puddle, I fell right into it – dark and very dirty for sure…

Oupa Gert.

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