D&D Ride report, Mild-to-Wild November 21, 2013

25 Nov

SA Weather predicted a 97% chance of rain, but for four riders a 3% chance of no rain was good enough to embark on an evening of MTB fun.

The ride did not start well. Michelle arrived with her Norwegian friend, Joleif, and his MTB had a flat even before we started. That was soon fixed by replacing the tube and we set off in the ominously gloomy evening with clouds promising to get us wet before too long. In the end we had a dry ride; at least as far as water from above was concerned. Water from below; well that is a different story. We encountered a few very slippery mud patches and a nice pool of very muddy water at the end of Bat Tunnel.

After enjoying the view of lights having worked up a bit of a heart rate going up Dirt Riders’s hill, it was down to the bottom part of Mieliemuur downhill RUSH. Newbie Jean and Joleif only started getting serious about it at the third speed zone going up to the sub-station at Rietvlei dam. The Farm loop was followed by the splash through Bat Tunnel and Friking Woof. Picking up speed going past St George’s, we were called back where the other tyre of Joleif’s bike had gone flat. We were out of tubes with the right type of valve and convinced Jolief to wait at the hotel reception to be picked up by Michelle and the remaining three of us made our way back to the Moo Mall via Mieliemuur.

So another enjoyable ride finished just before 22h00 with 35 km on the clock; at least for three of us.


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