D&D Ride report for 2013-11-28 by Michelle

04 Dec

Last week five brave (or foolish?) cyclists met for the night ride. Due to the ubiquitous lightning flashes and thunder cracks in the not-so-far distance there was some doubt as to whether the ride should happen, but Oupa Gert soon overrode any doubts, and off we were.

In an attempt to avoid the storms, the ride deviated from the usual route. Though not particularly hilly, our legs had to work hard to navigate the muddy roads and paths and recurring murky puddles, while the sky spectacularly lit up all around us. Before long, all tires (and bike frames and cyclists) were caked in mud. It was something of a miracle (or was it exceptional skill?) that no-one came off their bike all evening, though there were a few close calls.

Eventually the thunder storms that had been rumbling around us did catch up with us. We headed back to the mall in the rain (and thunder and lightning, sometimes too close for comfort). Our bikes and we were slightly less muddy when we got back, though we were all soaked! Thanks Oupa Gert for another great ride!


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Posted by on December 4, 2013 in ride report


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