TshwaneARclub : D&D Ride report

04 Feb

Xtra ride: Jan 30, 2014 by Francois.

Gee, it is great to see so many riders, getting difficult to count them all … and the names, QT and Russian are on a mission to get to know them all, for me I am happy to recognise my wife when I get home J. I think this will be remembered as the night of punctures, first one occurring even as we go up Cornwall to first stop. Well, then I missed a turnoff and we discovered a new route next to a security complex with razor wire overhead, but it did lead to a quick improvement in rider’s skill level, not wanting an ear nicked. He, he, we could then recognize all D&D riders by the nick on the right ear.

Off to Ezekiel’s drop-off, a quick inspection and some of the newbies gave it a bash with whoops of excitement and no incidents. Wash and go was dry and incident free apart from some inconsiderate dumping of rubbish on the exit path. Some serious tyre repairs were effected on the bridge, where it was noted that a young lady did a not so graceful dismount, but despite being in front of the group, she was not noted for writing the ride report. Speed zone down Python was exhilarating, past cement factory to dirt road where another speed zone was entertained followed by granny gear race, but it seems like the same racing snakes are always up front doesn’t matter what handicap is applied.

Bat tunnel had somewhat dried up and not too muddy to get through, followed by an easy ride up Blairwitch forest, although one of the riders got bewitched in missing the route but fortunately the broom (sweeper) was there to break the spell. A whizz down Shebeen-queen and some heavy breathing up mielie-muur and we were home after another lekker social ride.

See you at the next one


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