Ride Report – Thursday, 18 November 2014 by Kobus Jansen

22 Sep

Thursday – 18 November 2014 was my first night ride with the “Dark ‘n Dirty” group.

We were six cyclists for the night.

Everyone had an excellent 36 km trouble free, safe ride, except yours truly.

Luckily for me I used up all my bad luck with this one ride only.

With only +- 1 km into the ride I was caught by a piece of barbed wire that got caught up with my back wheel. Luckily everyone stopped and helped me to get rid of the wire with a side-cutter.

Then nearly half way, at a steep downhill, I stopped to check it out and decided it was save enough to ride down. As I went down the hill, my shorts got caught up with my saddle. This resulted in a high middle to weight ratio and I ended up falling over the bar rolling down the hill. Luckily I escaped with a only a minor bruise.

With +10 km to go, I heard the familiar sound of a tyre deflating. I had sealant in my tyre but it didn’t work. Again, everyone stopped for me. I plugged the tyre and I borrowed a pump from a helping hand.

Thank you everyone for you kind assistance and for waiting for me and for not leaving me alone in the dark. Despite all the trouble, it was an adventure which I will not ever forget. See you soon!

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