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The Wild-to-Windy ride of Oct 16, 2014.

Last week’s ride will be remembered as the most windy ever. Ten riders pitched, but shortly before we started, two of them abruptly left with a vague excuse of having forgotten to bring a helmet along. My offer of using my spare helmet was acknowledged, but they just drove on.

So the eight of us started off in the wind, doing Cruiser singletrack for a change. Going down to Mieliemuur I got lured into a newly made road that petered out and we continued over a rocky and uneven field doing some bundu bashing before picking up a trail again. That is where the first flat of the evening was fixed.

After two half-hearted attempts doing speedzones against the wind, we tried a new route which worked out after having to turn around when we hit an excavation that we could not cross.

We headed out to the farm next to the R21, but got only half-way before giving up against the wind. For some reason coming back turned out to be a breeze, interrupted by fixing another flat. We arrived back at the Moo mall just before ten having done just a little bit less than thirty km; dusty but in good spirits.

Oupa Gert

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Ride report: DirtFlirt 2014-10-09 by Francois

I counted 15, other counted 14 set for the ride, it turned out they did not feel the presence of spokie the carrycot carrier on bike no 14. Spokie surprised us throughout the evening conjuring up cookies, tools, towing services for suffering bikers …. and some other talents.

Then there was Arno, paying us a visit since moving afar. At first technical stop I noticed he seem to have lost some of his gears – judging by some heavy breathing throughout the evening opting for a single gear is not that ideal for DnD.

Trailmeister Oupa Gert did not wait long to pull out the wild part with a speedzone up Quadbuster leaving most of us breathless. Spokie helped out with some cookies to boost the energy levels. A rather technical track down to Holy trail was well managed by all followed by some more hard work to the top where the track disappeared and an amazing somersault executed to perfection by and unidentified rider. Speedzone down Frikken Woof was awesome.

Best for last ?. Trailmeister leading us up an old trail that seem to have almost disappeared had most of either pushing bikes or doing some very funny gyrations to stay on top. The drop-off into the tunnel under the highway claimed some more casualties. Must have been one of the evenings with the most less graceful dismounts I have seen in a while, but we all made it back safely with smiles on our faces.

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