DirtFlirt 2015-01-08 “technical” ride report

11 Jan

Introduction by Stefan

I am quite new in mountain biking and often find myself surrounded by more experienced riders. I love to listen to their tales and try to learn from them.

As with any sport, there are a few terms specific to that sport. These terms are often generic terms, but have completely different meanings depending on the sport. Being new, one attempts to not draw attention to one’s self, so asking for definitions of each term is not a common practice. One makes assumptions and figure it out as you go. Sometimes one becomes confidant that your assumptions were correct and other times it is a pretty clear moment of realization that you were unreservedly wrong.

Last night, was the latter type. And the term I now understand in MTB terms is “Technical”…
At my place of work, when you ask someone if it will be an easy solution, and they reply, it will be “Technical”, it means you will have to go dig out drawings, a calculator and maybe a few old mechanical/ electronic & other handbooks.
But in MTB terms, if you ask someone how his ride was and he replies “Technical”, it means:

“…I am not going to admit this, but I fell…(probably a few times)… “
and if asked how the trail was, and the answer is “Technical”, it means:

“….once upon a time there used to be a path/track here. All that is gone, only the erosion dongas and sharp rocks remained… Oh yes, and they are obscured by vegetation (probably the thorny type) thus you have no idea where the next rock, boulder, donga or combination of those will lurch at you… Thus, ready yourself, your knees and elbows will attest to your reply “Technical” when asked about the ride…

Rest by Oupa Gert

The unwritten rule states that the first rider to do an ungraceful dismount has the right to write the ride report. I want to categorically state that I did not qualify, but subsequent unhappy events lead to me agreeing to a partial report.

On a beautiful evening five male riders (where are the ladies?) set out for the DirtFlirt ride. After a brief search the entry to the Supertube was re-discovered and the track was safely traversed as was the Wash-‘n-Go despite the vegetation having experienced a growth spurt after the December rains. Quad Buster claimed the first victim shortly followed by the second one. The Holy Trail was responsible for the next event and the sweeper Arno almost getting left behind with a chain suck. No, we would not leave him behind, but we had to dispatch a search-and-rescue squad who quickly located him.

With Blairwitch Forest recently being fenced off, we had to discover a new path and encountered a donga with a depth that I underestimated and that determined the partial writing of the report.

In the end we rode just under 24 km and was left not with serious injuries, but lot of smiles.

​Somewhere between Quad Buster and Holy Trail.

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