Xtra Ride on 29/01/2015. Report by Stefan

12 Feb

Yep, it’s just about 2 weeks late, but here follows my recollection of the extra ride.
Yes, as it was the 5’th DnD evening of January MMXV and we were in for a treat.

Following the normal hustle of getting all kitted, briefed and ready for the ride, I was confident that this will not be a technical ride and thus I would not be at risk of having to write this report…. Well…
3 min into the ride (400m from our cars) I nominated myself… Assisted by a rock, I managed to land squarely in the only mud puddle for miles.
Formalities of self-nomination completed, we circled Reservoir hill and stopped at the top for a stunning view of the Centurion/Irene area.
Next we headed Eastwards and out past the Moroccan Castle, out to the farmlands. This route was a first for me and I enjoyed the long open dirt roads leading to the soy bean fields (behind the R21 1-stop complex for a bit of info of where this is).
I love how being out there in the "vlaktes" makes you feel you are completely out of the city.
A contrasting view from reservoir hill, but equally pleasing, it was silent and dark. A rabbit greeted us passing through the soy bean fields and disappeared into the thicket as we turned to head back to the lights of the city.
We back tracked to our normal route passing under the R21 and headed through the veld to the St. George’s hotel. There I had a very close shave with a huge excavation pit a few mm from the path we were on.
A few hundred meters on we rejoined the usual route and backtracked to the Mall.

I would love to ride this non-technical and relaxing ride again, we covered 30+ km, climbed and descended nearly 300m but it did not feel that far.

I am in a sense glad I am only writing this report now, as I am all excited to go on another DnD ride, and in a few hours, I will once more be bashing through the veld with my Thursday family. See you all tonight!


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