Ride report – D&D 26 Feb 2015 by Linx Lategan

01 Mar

After wondering for a day or two whether I will be ready for a 30 km night ride, my husband and best friend managed to get the confidence in me to tackle the quest. This was going to be a special ride with hubby, my son and my best friend.

As per usual we gathered (a total of 17 riders) at Irene Mall, with Oom Gerrit (Oupa Gert) as the leader of the pack. We met some new people, discussed which lights are best for the ride and then we were off to tackle the "Rock n Roll" Route.

I wish I could say that my nomination came while doing a very technical part, at least half way into the route. Unfortunately not….. Around 3 km into the route I made a U-turn and underestimated the power of loose gravel. I met with the ground and knew that I had to start thinking about what should go into this report!!

Body mostly intact, ego not so much, I got back on my bike and continued with our quest. This is where I need to thank my husband Werner and our sweeper Mauritz, who stayed with me at the back, the whole way. Thank you to Stephan and Moira who kept my spirits up and to my son, who did not laugh either time (yes! Twice!) that I ungracefully got off my bike.

All in all it was a super ride with super people. It was an experience filled with discoveries…. We discovered new routes, new friends and even a little porcupine…. But mostly, I have been discovering new bruises every day for the past 3 days.


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