Rock-‘n-Roll Ride report by Alan Geen

28 Apr
I’m writing this report…..again for reasons I’m not proud of. We won’t say any more on that subject if you don’t mind. And now about our ride which was a quite an eventful ride to say the least. Firstly about the group that pitched, only 8 regulars and 3 newbys who at the end of the night were very complimentary about the whole setup, route and group that participated. They assured us that they would be back, even though the one guy, sorry but I didn’t get his name (Mulalo – Ed), really battled the whole way through, but hell he made it back to the parking lot with a huge smile on his face….well done man.

Our first hiccup came at about the 5km mark when oupa Gerrit’s bike started making a very weird sound. After an inspection and about 8 different diagnosis from all the experts it was concluded that it was definitely the brake pads. We used every tool available to us and Henry eventually got oupa Gert mobile again…..shortly after this I unceremoniously dismounted my bike and have the scars to show, hence the report.

Just when we thought things were going too smooth for words our puncture king, Chris called a halt to proceedings, with not just a regular puncture but a side wall cut. Once again we all jumped in, as this group always does and tried all types of things to get Chris going again. All this time Chris was taking huge flack from Anthony, his dad…..We tried plugging it….side walls don’t like plugs, so we resorted to the more conventional tube system. When we felt the inside of the tube for any foreign objects that could increase Chris’ hit rate with punctures we could not help but laugh at what the inside of his tyre looked like with plugs, just like a friggen porcupine….he has promised to buy a new tyre though. After pumping his tyre we were on our way once again. Just to bring every one up to speed, this was most probably Chris’ 5th or 6th puncture with us, hence the new nickname, puncture pat. Sorry Chris….

The rest of the ride went without too many more hiccups besides one of the new comers whose shock completely failed. It also happens to be the guy who suffered so terribly on the ride so maybe that explains it. As we were nearing our destination thinking nothing else could possibly go wrong poor Oupa Gerrit came a little unstuck, hit a rock and fell…fortunately he was not hurt and after shaking himself off we were once again on our way. Just by the way, on the last ride Oupa Gerrit also had quite a fall when he went full tilt into a roll off barbed wire that was pulled across one of the single tracks we were speeding down. Very lucky not to have been hurt….

Well, that’s it from me as far as the report writing goes for this week, come to think of it, for a few more weeks I hope….
Next week promises to be a good ride, Friday being a holiday so I hope to see a huge turn out guys, no excuses hey.

Until our next ride,


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