Rock-‘n-Roll Ride report by Ellee Walker

02 Jun

Ride Report – 28 May 2015

About 15 of us pitched up in the dark of winter without any fear of getting dirty. Since duck-taping solves most world problems, a few rounds of it was used to fasten lights to my bike, the batteries which of course died in 10 minutes. One thing you definitely need for a D&D ride is a working light! But you know what you also need, tires with AIR! Thus, this ride can be summarized really in one sentence – we rode 1 km, stopped for a puncture, we rode another 2 km, stopped for a puncture, rode another couple, you guessed it!!?!?

It was as if a little invisible elf ran in front of us throwing down barbed wire and thorns. Almost no one seemed to escape! In true D&D social fashion though, plenty of hands were on deck to help each other out. I didn’t mind the breaks, as I got to turn on some music and have a dance party. It was a solo dance party, but that’s better than no dance party at all. I could believe that perhaps the young ones didn’t know, but I was shocked to hear that even Mulalo and Brian hadn’t heard of Otis Redding – look him up and buy his greatest hits right now. Your Sunday afternoons and significant others will thank me.

After that we were on our way again, with some speed zones and a few hills thrown in for good measure. Tom and I high fived after climbing the long one – great job Tom! Since this was the longest ride ever in my D&D history – not by distance but rather time due to puncture repairs, my stomach growled so loud that poor Otis couldn’t even be heard anymore. Nonetheless, we still all made it to Whisk for some snacks and tasty beverages, for which Moira and Alan raced to see how many Flying Fishes they could hook, line, and sink.

Although the rule is that the first to take an ungracious fall must write the report, I would argue that this Southern lady never falls ungraciously as it would be both against my cultural roots and childhood ballet training. Except for an epic fall on my first D&D ride, usually I tend to land like a cat on two feet and then do a pirouette for good measure. This time though with dim lights I hit a small rock at a low speed and simply leaned over into some grass, so quietly that I motioned "Shhhhh!" to Moira and Johan with hopes that I’d get out of writing. But as soon as I saw Oupa Gert, though, I had to fess up. So there you go. Besides, Alan’s written enough of these. See you all Thursday!

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