Intro ride report June 4, 2015

09 Jun

On what was supposed to be the first cold Dark and Dirty ride of the winter, ten riders arrived at the Moo mall. After the customary instructions for the benefit of the newbies which included the information to qualify as the ride report writer, we rode off into the dark to the first named destination, Xtacy Park. Lately the Manleys have renamed that playzone to Puncture Park and that got affirmed with Mulalo having the first puncture of the evening just there. One of the newbies who reportedly lives close by, decided to skip the ride and went home.

After fixing the puncture we proceeded to Supertube which was briefly interrupted by doing Ezekiel’s Drop-off which was executed by most. Ellee on her way to visit home in the US of A abstained. If she returned home with a new set of bruises and scars she might be forbidden to come to Wild Africa again and what would she then do without her doze of nightly adrenaline?

The next, and thankfully las,t puncture struck in the middle of Wash-and-Go and no less than Johan Pump-man was the victim. The tubeless tyre refused to seal and "putting in a tube" operation had to be performed. Python speedzone went without a hitch and we went on to the speedzone up to the tar road and to spice it up a bit, we did that as a ghost ride since the full moon was up by that time. Ellee once more declared that she does not get this ghost ride thing. Why have all the expensive, fancy lights just to switch them off? She has clearly not been long enough in South Africa to get the concept of load-shedding.

Next we laboured up the false flat and then through Bat Tunnel. The much thinned out Blairwitch Forest followed and then the Shebeen Queen downhill speedzone. At the steep start of the Mieliemuur my chain jammed and after fixing it and starting again I went down instead of up to a chorus of "Ride report!". Well, making the rules I guess I have to stick with them as well…

We arrived at the Moo mall at about 22h00 after about 25 km of enjoyment. It was not really so cold after all, so there is no reason to stay away during the winter months.

Oupa Gert.

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