Xtra ride – Report by Anton du Preez

02 Aug

Its becoming a bit of a trend for the Newby to write the ride report! Being my first ride i thought i was well prepared i would soon find out that i was not.

6 of us left from irene mall just after 7 excited with what the evening had planned for us. Just as we got to our first speed zone i had to bomb my wheel after i had left my pump at home something that should have been checked before the time. I then tried making up for it by going as fast as possible up the first climb not the greatest idea only being 3km into the ride. We then stopped to look at the centurion lights. This was also the last time that i knew where we were.

We then cycled towards the R21 and then had a decent amount of climbs to work through, being my first time every speed zone looked no further than 300m i soon found out that it was not the case with one of them being 1.6km and i could not understand why the light kept on moving further away and why i started falling back in the group after such a fast start.

We had about 3km left when load shedding struck ( i did not charge my light before the ride) and had to do the last bit in the dark with this being said it did not take long before a rock made sure i got of my bike.

Eventually we got to the mall again after a 30km ride at an average pace of 14.5km with an elevation of 357m. It was a lot of fun and i will definitely be there again.

Anton du Preez

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Posted by on August 2, 2015 in ride report


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