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Ride reports 13 Aug and 15 Oct 2015

Dark & Dirty dirt flirt ride report for 13 Aug 2015. By Werner.

It was a very dark night. We were not a big group that evening, about 6 or 7. Mostly girls, me Oupa Gerrit and 1 or 2 other guys. We set off from the Moo Mall on time and rode in a lot of silence most of the way. I remember thinking that this was a very serious group and that everyone probably had had a bad week at the office like I had. The silence made the ride very ominous and you could hear dogs barking and howling all along the way. There were some dark figures next to the single tracks and at some point I am sure I saw some red eyes and heard a very vicious growl very close to my right. It was shortly after that when I arrived at a re-group stop, that I could not get my foot out of the clip-less pedal and I just fell over like an unstable domino, grabbing onto the next person and almost taking him and another with me to the ground. Very embarrassing that was. That was with the Moo Mall almost in sight and the rest of the way was over quick and painless. All in all not a bad ride, thanks again Oupa Gerrit for your guidance and not laughing at me when I fell. Hope to see you all again soon.

Dark & Dirty mild to wild ride report for 15 Oct 201. By Werner.

So there we were again, getting ready for another night ride from the Moo Mall in Irene to take on all the footpaths, gravel roads, garbage and building rubble heaps dumped all over the south eastern part of Centurion. Something I always look forward to doing. It’s great fun and even though there are about four set routes we normally take, there is always another new obstacle on the route, a ditch here, a new rubble heap there, a new fence we have to find our way around and even sometimes some parts of fence just lying around for us to get entangled in. One of these rubble heaps got the better of me and this is why I have to ride the report and I don’t want to elaborate on that any further. No serious injuries, just a bruised ego. I do believe that the reason I fell was because I still owe Oupa Gert a report for the ride on 13 Aug, which I haven’t got around to doing and it came back to bite me in the nether regions. So a warning to those that still haven’t submitted their ride reports – you WILL fall again đŸ˜‰

As I was driving towards our rendezvouz at the mall I noticed some clouds in the west as the sun was setting but did not for one second think that it was going to impact the ride in any way. Looking forward to ride with a new friend, Lukas, which was waiting for me in anticipation as this was his first ride with the group and I do believe his first night ride, the weather was actually the last thing on my mind. For the first 10 km the ride was pretty uneventful and then suddenly some bright flashes from the south. Lightning. Not a good thing when you are riding around in some of the highest parts of Centurion with rock outcroppings all around you. But we weren’t worried at first. It looked as if the thunderstorm would pass by on our west, so we kept going, for another 2km perhaps, when it started pouring down. Ok, I thought, nice training for the Freedom challenge this, if I ever get around to doing that. Oupa Gert was at this stage trying to avoid the never ending lightning strikes which seemed to be directly on our planned route. We were standing around in the rain for a few minutes and then someone looked up to the sky and saw that the storm cloud was moving quickly over us and that the way to the south was clear again and with the lightning now moving towards the north, we could carry on with our ride. Yay!. About 500m further on the guy next to me saw something he thought was someone in front of him spitting out bubblegum onto the road. Then suddenly a pebble (I thought at first) hit my helmet out of nowhere. Then an "ouch!" Came from behind me and then some more! We were riding into a hailstorm! With no cover in sight, we just kept on peddling and hoped for the best. The hail hit our helmets with loud bangs, shoulders and knuckles were bombarded, and then suddenly it stopped and the night was dry and cool and everyone was laughing and peddling happily along. After the brief rainstorm, the road became very slippery. As we turned and started moving back towards the North again, I hit a slippery ditch that almost took me down. As I regained my balance and tried not to hit any of my fellow riders, a dry branch the size of Texas was in my way and I had to ride over it. With a loud bang the branch broke but I was unscathed and over it in a flash. Oupa Gert braked hard as he thought someone came down hard but was surprised to find no-one lying on the ground. Then down the hill, one more "speed section", underneath the R21 highway (whoop, whoop!), whereafter we re-grouped again and saw something not one of us thought possible. A car came from the front and slowly drove right through the culvert we thought only cyclists and pedestrians could fit through! Only in Africa. The rest of the ride went pretty smooth and everyone was now dry again after the rain and looking forward to the beer at the Spur calling us loudly.

Well done and welcome back to Tom, who joined us again for his first ride in 2 months after his operation as a result of a very bad fall on one of the D&D rides. The group was about 12 strong and we covered a distance of 32km in 2 hours 30min. Nice going and I cannot wait for the next time to see y’all.

Dankie Oom Gerrit,


Werner Lategan

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Dirt Flirt ride report by SimonĂ©

On the Dirt-Flirt ride!
What a fantastic evening it was, an eventful evening with a couple of crashes and flat tyres; but nothing serious!
A rider definitely needs proper ligtning, where us as newbies thought that LED lightning was enough, clearly that was not the case!
The ride gets a little bit to the technical side but nothing too technical!
Just some rubble people dump some places which cause obstructions but it is fine to drive over and through it!
What a fun, unique and social event and we all really enjoyed it to ride with the group! Thanks again!

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