Rock-‘n-Roll ride report by Craig

27 Nov

Ok! So just got back from my first “Down n Dirty” night ride. Had been thinking of joining the group for some time and today got my squeaky clean bike back from a “Monster service” with a spanking new chain and rear cassette. Everything that moves was greased to the gills; yes she was ready to go…

So I cruised down the mall at about 18:50 met Johan and the rest of the group of seven. We headed off on what is called the Rock ‘n Roll ride. We started with riding the tracks around Cornwall Hill and then headed up the dust road next to Rietvlei dam. There are a few lung busting climbs, which really got the blood pumping. As a newbie I got nicely caught out (Thank you) with the sprint that never ended next to Rietvlei reserve. We then hit the single track towards Apollo brick factory.

And then the fun started. My newly spruced up bike rebelled on me completely. When changing to a very easy gear on the climb next to the factory my chain slipped off the top cog and literally welded on to my rear hub. We pulled and scratched and generally mucked around trying to get the chain loose. Everyone gave it a try (even me). We had the security guards at the factory seriously nervous, but had no luck. After about half an hour of sukkel we gave up and did a freewheel number to get back to “Ala Turka” where my good wife came to pick me up and I said Adios to the rest of the group.

Have to thank all for the help they gave me “pushing” me back home. Think it was a little payback for the sprinting episode earlier in the night.

I must say the rides are well managed with constant re-grouping every few kilos, the pace is chilled, and everyone friendly.

I will be back!


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