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Wet, Dark & Dirty ride 2016-02-18

With all the noise on social media, it is perhaps a good idea to explain the name of our rides: It is Dark as in Night and Dirty as in Mud and/or Dust.

For some time now I have been having problems with my light. At first it only switched off from time to time; normally on a nice, technical downhill. So I replaced all the cables and the battery connector, but no matter how well I tested it; as soon as the ride started it would just switch off. Last week the penny dropped: As soon as I strap the battery to the frame the problem starts. And there is a simple solution: Simply put the battery in my pocket; the cable is long enough. It worked, but lead to my downfall – literally….

Last Thursday 18 riders assembled in the rain, but after a few minutes it stopped and we could get underway. For some reason all the ladies had excuses having nothing to do with rain. In the direction which we wanted to ride, the weather looked very threatening and we decided to go in the opposite direction towards Ezekiel’s drop-off which we gave a skip after riding the bumps leading to it. Going down to the railway line on a road less traveled, a number of riders almost became unstuck on a sudden ditch in the road.

We took another track less traveled to the VO2max wall where we did the speed zone followed by a lengthy wait to get a flat fixed. While standing still, I decided to get off the bike for a while and that is when I got tangled in the cable between the battery in my pocket and the light on my handlebar resulting in a somewhat inelegant sitting down on the ground. That was not too serious, but as it happened, Jacques had his camera ready and snapped the event and with the proof on WhatsApp and FaceBook, I could not get out of writing this report.

We were hardly moving again, when the rain started and got heavier as we went. The decision was taken to return to the Moo mall although we hardly had ten km on the clock. After about ten minutes the rain stopped again and we decided to go to Xtacy Park (Aka Puncture Park) to play a bit. After some rounds of drop-offs, we discovered that Johan, our sweeper and another rider were missing. We tried to call, but there was no answer as Johan had left his cell-phone in the car because of the rain. All we could do was to back-track the way we had come, but there was no sight of the missing riders so we headed back to the Moo mall. They were also not there, but after a few minutes they arrived, rightly somewhat upset that we did not wait before entering Xtacy Park. They did not see us and went past.

At this stage we had only done about nineteen kilos and everyone agreed that we should do another loop as the rain had stopped. We added an enjoyable ride down the Mieliemuur, speed zone to the second road to the left, up to St Georges, down the old road, up Heartbreak Hill, down Smuts House, Tour d’ Tar, Nellmapius and then another single track less traveled. As we waited for yet another flat to be fixed, it started drizzling again so we put foot in the corner to get to the Moo mall where the rain really started coming down in earnest.

All in all we enjoyed another eventful and fun-filled wet, dark and dirty ride!

Oupa Gert.

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Ride report Jan 21, 2016 by Gerhard

We were 16 eager people last Thursday with perfect weather for bike riding. Unfortunately not one of our female D&D riders joined and Alan & Henry could tell their jokes with slightly more spice than usual.

Three newbies joined in the fun, but to me, the pace was faster than normal. I fell twice – hence the ride report – and I blame jet lag from returning from Dakar…(that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.)

There were a few tech glitches at the start with Jaco Buys having not one but two punctures early on. Two brave hearts were noticed – one on a downhill bike and another on a single speed rigid. They took more strain than necessary. Oom Gert had lighting issues, but every time he had to stop for repairs, most of us welcomed the rest, although no-one would admit to it.

Our route took us to "die plaas" and through the tunnel under the R21 where some could not believe a car passed not too long ago. At the end everyone was glad to reach the Moo Mall, but sadly the Spur was closed as it was well after ten.

With a few sore ribs I’m signing off – Gerhard

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Dark & Dirty rides for February 2016. Intro ride.

The rides have been well supported and enjoyed in January. February promises to be even better, so join in the fun.

On Thursday we do the Intro ride; nice and relaxed accommodating newbies with some optional drop-offs and speedzones to keep everybody interested.

Please indicate that you are coming by replying to the list or the Facebook event in "Let’s ride Pretoria". Or send a WhatsApp to 0736891370. There is a "Dark & Dirty night rides" WhatsApp group @ 0736891370; ask if you want to be added to it; remember to give your name as well.

–>February 4: Intro Ride. 25 km. Newbies welcome.

February 11: Valentine’s ride 20 km. PEMBIs especially invited.
February 18: Mild-to-Wild ride 30 km. More mild than wild.

February 25: Rock-‘n-Roll ride 30 km. Rock until you roll.

Where: Irene Village shopping mall.

We meet in the North-west corner of the parking lot close to Spur.

25°51’41.46"S, 28°14’56.94"E ( 25° 51.691’S, 28° 14.949’E)
When: Every Thursday night,
Starts 18h45 for 19h00
Website :

No Charge,

Everyone Welcome, ride at own risk.

Bring: Helmets, lights, ride snax & juice, your buddies

and some ching for beers & pizza after the ride.

SOCIAL riding group with SAFETY a Key Factor.
No-One gets left behind,

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