Ride report Jan 21, 2016 by Gerhard

02 Feb

We were 16 eager people last Thursday with perfect weather for bike riding. Unfortunately not one of our female D&D riders joined and Alan & Henry could tell their jokes with slightly more spice than usual.

Three newbies joined in the fun, but to me, the pace was faster than normal. I fell twice – hence the ride report – and I blame jet lag from returning from Dakar…(that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.)

There were a few tech glitches at the start with Jaco Buys having not one but two punctures early on. Two brave hearts were noticed – one on a downhill bike and another on a single speed rigid. They took more strain than necessary. Oom Gert had lighting issues, but every time he had to stop for repairs, most of us welcomed the rest, although no-one would admit to it.

Our route took us to "die plaas" and through the tunnel under the R21 where some could not believe a car passed not too long ago. At the end everyone was glad to reach the Moo Mall, but sadly the Spur was closed as it was well after ten.

With a few sore ribs I’m signing off – Gerhard

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