Rock-‘n-Roll ride report by Henry

02 Jun

A little bit late, but nonetheless here goes.

Two weeks ago a couple of us set off on our normal rock and roll route. And as usual the pre ride brief was given by oupa Gerrit: Welcome to the newbies and any one who performs an ungracefull dismount will have to write the ride report.

Which was promptly followed with "whats going on haven’t seen any reports for a while now" by yours truly….

And that brings me to this ride report. We set off nice and easy with Alan and myself sweeping at the rear. With very little to report, not too many techs or punctures. We carried on…. and then it all changed.

As we where looking for one of our tracks to follow we had to make a hard right hand turn…..and HEY!!! I’m on the floor no drama just me doing my rendition of 1,2,3 all fall down, damaging only my ego. And thus me volunteering to write this report.

However the big fall was still to come. On our downhill speed zone going past Smuts House there is a serious rocky section. Kristo had a fall that would make anyone cringe. We help him up and waited for him to gather himself.

Took a slow ride back to the mall and the usual after ride beer was well deserved and enjoyed after the ride.

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